Thursday, March 15, 2018

Update and a New Video Posted

Hi folks!

Well...Operation Rebranding stalled, as I got my first batch of logos from this afternoon and...yeah, not super lovin' them:

I mean, they were supposed to be 3D for one thing, and for another they look like logos made by someone who *totally* doesn't understand what we do around here and what we are into :)  Which is likely the case. So I'm trying again with a different person.

Also still waiting for Dotser to transfer my domain name. They take like several days to do it...just to be spiteful I guess.

Lastly, I posted another video, about how to strip miniatures. I'm still working on quality of sound, video, lighting, editing...the works. And ideally soon I will actually do a video about the painting part :)

Let me know your thoughts and I'd also love to hear any ideas you guys have for future videos (like do you prefer tutorials,

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