Saturday, February 20, 2016

Making Dry Erase Kings of War Tokens

I suppose technically these could work for any game where you need to track wounds, status effects etc.  Also there are tons of ready made options out there but I thought this would work well, esp. for Kings of War wound, Wavering and Disordered tracking.

This uses the square Mantic bases (I had lots left over since I'm multibasing some of my army units), some peel and stick Dry Erase material, super glue (optional for added durability) and an exacto knife or scissors.

Here's the dry erase material I used:

I cut a strip of it that was large enough for a few of the bases to sit on with some margin around them for cutting:

Then I peeled the backing (you can remove all or some of it at a time), and after applying some superglue to the base to help it stay stuck on, I pressed the flat part of the base down onto the sticky backing of the paper.

(in the photo above you can see I stuck one down with the round depression in the base facing down - which is the wrong way).

So you end up with a row of bases stuck to the paper like this.  Sorry some of these are rotated the wrong way :|

Then, after allowing some time for the glue to dry, I sliced the paper away from each one with a sharp Exacto knife. Be very careful not to cut yourself with this step. Kids, get a parent to help you!  Once they are cut out, you can also slowly, carefully use your knife to shave any of the paper that is sticking past the rim of the base so it's nice and flush.

Now you are left with several base-sized tokens that have a dry erase surface on one side to use for tracking anything you want!

As a final step I painted the rims of mine with the same color as my base rims. Helps it look a little nicer.  You could even experiment with painting or texturing part of the white area and just leaving a strip to write on.


  1. This is a FANTASTIC idea!! Will definitely give this a try!!

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