Sunday, January 17, 2016

Word Bearers Forgeworld Sicaran Battle Tank

Hi folks, long time no post! Sorry about that - life, family, know how it goes. I get lazy and updating the blog takes a back seat.

I've actually been doing plenty of painting though. Right now, my main hobby focus is a 30K Horus Heresy Word Bearers army. My troops and dread etc are coming along but not quite finished. However, today I just finished a Sicaran Battle Tank and I'm really pleased with how it turned out so I wanted to post it here.

My photo setup is dismantled at the moment so this is without proper lighting etc and just taken quickly using my iPhone - I say that because I think the reds are a little washed out in the photos and losing some of the richness. I think this is possible the best tank I've ever painted, using techniques from all over the web, books (FW), etc Also, I was so excited to finish and take pictures I forgot to paint the little view-windows in the top hatch, so I'll have to fix that!


  1. Nice looking vehicle. I am looking forward to seeing your troops, thinking of getting a set myself to paint up as, well, loyalists of some kind.

  2. Thanks! My troops will probably look a lot like the official scheme from Betrayal at Calth, I really like how those look and they are the reason I picked Word Bearers.