Saturday, January 23, 2016

Age of Sigmar Dragonfate Dias

I hope I got the name right!

Finished up a piece of AoS terrain today. I really like these kits, very easy to paint up quickly. I'm more fond of the Gates and this one as they assemble so nicely, as opposed to the Occulum and Arch which do not...

That said, I only shoot for a "decent" standard with terrain, and dont get too fussy about blending or messy areas.

I also bought pretty much all the new Fyreslayer kits (except the character blister pack) including the Magmadroth because I am clearly incapable of resisting GW. 


  1. Lovely job, especially on the flames. I agree, quick and dirty on terrain and it looks effective yet doesn't detract from the,miniatures. Good job. I have loads of 40k terrain now because it is easygoing and quick to do. Plus, makes the battles so better.