Sunday, January 31, 2016

Practicing my Miniature Photography

Tried to get better at using my wife's DSLR to photograph my minis/models - pretty happy with how these turned out. Might be TOO bright? I'm trying to find the right balance between bright but not washed out.

My Makeshift Gaming Table

So for a while I've been using two 2x4 plastic folding tables pushed together as a gaming surface, with a mat on top. It has been "decent" but not great, and obviously not big enough for larger games like 40K or Kings of War.

I decided to try and rectify that, but as cheaply as I could. I didn't want wood, because wood is heavy. Basically. I liked the idea of something light and easy to move or even dispose of. I also reasoned that if I used insulation foam board and put a FAT mat on it, the mat would protect it quite nicely from dents etc.

Here's where I landed with it:

The two tables, clamped together from the underside, with a piece of no-slip carpet runner to help the insulation board not slide all over the place.

The foam board on top of that:

My biggest (but also flattest/lightest) mat on top of that: Mars mat by P.Works:

Then I basically added my smaller mats on top of each other to (a) weigh down the table and (b) keep everything flat. The idea being I can remove mats to get to whichever one I want to play on at a given time. The weight of the FAT mats (there are two of them here) plus the non-slip material seem to help keep the table nicely in place. I'm quite happy with this solution (for now)!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Age of Sigmar Dragonfate Dias

I hope I got the name right!

Finished up a piece of AoS terrain today. I really like these kits, very easy to paint up quickly. I'm more fond of the Gates and this one as they assemble so nicely, as opposed to the Occulum and Arch which do not...

That said, I only shoot for a "decent" standard with terrain, and dont get too fussy about blending or messy areas.

I also bought pretty much all the new Fyreslayer kits (except the character blister pack) including the Magmadroth because I am clearly incapable of resisting GW. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Word Bearers Forgeworld Sicaran Battle Tank

Hi folks, long time no post! Sorry about that - life, family, know how it goes. I get lazy and updating the blog takes a back seat.

I've actually been doing plenty of painting though. Right now, my main hobby focus is a 30K Horus Heresy Word Bearers army. My troops and dread etc are coming along but not quite finished. However, today I just finished a Sicaran Battle Tank and I'm really pleased with how it turned out so I wanted to post it here.

My photo setup is dismantled at the moment so this is without proper lighting etc and just taken quickly using my iPhone - I say that because I think the reds are a little washed out in the photos and losing some of the richness. I think this is possible the best tank I've ever painted, using techniques from all over the web, books (FW), etc Also, I was so excited to finish and take pictures I forgot to paint the little view-windows in the top hatch, so I'll have to fix that!