Sunday, August 30, 2015

Malifaux Plastruct Terrain nearly done

Thought I'd post a photo of my Plastruct terrain WIP. Not finished - the house needs a fair bit more work, and the tower windows up top aren't done. Really like this terrain - I like the slightly wonky style, the size, the sturdiness and the fact it's light but not light enough to move around easily. This is just a really quick layout I threw together to take a photo.

The mat is nice but I've ordered a 3x3 to use instead I think. I also need more scatter terrain. 

I also ordered a couple of the new pre-painted Plastcraft buildings/items to try out. Should be here in about a week.

Gremlin forces are still in WIP, not ready to show :)


  1. Very nice. I'd like to get some to airbrush. Can you rearrange how the bridge structures are set up?

  2. Yep each section is free standing and can be moved around.

  3. Nice stuff Jarrett, I also ordered some of the Malifaux buildings & they are sitting in my piles of stuff. If your looking local, Red Claw carries some of this stuff, As well Sentry Box where I got some in the spring.

  4. Yeah I bought this stuff from Redclaw and All Star Games. The one I ordered is because I couldn't find it locally and got impatient :D