Saturday, July 18, 2015

In Defense of Sigmarin- ....Stormcast Eternals

You guys! You guys - I wanted to share something with you that I recently discovered. Make sure you are sitting down for this:

The new Stormcast Eternals are a lot like....(wait for it).....Space Marines!

 RIGHT?  Mindblowing!

For the Emperor amiright??
...oh. You already noticed? Because... the people I see pointing this out everywhere online seem so smug and self-satisfied, I just assumed it was actually really hard to pick up on it. Like maybe only super smart people could see through the intentions of Games Workshop with the launch of those new models.

I wonder if they are trying to make a new army that is broadly appealing?

It's a bit shocking really - I mean if Space Marines are their best selling line of models, and they are effectively killing WFB and launching an entirely new game....why would they take that opportunity to introduce ANOTHER strong selling line of models for that game?

Ok. I'll stop.

I'm cranky today. I think I spent too much time soaking in the relentless negativity in places like Warseer and Dakka about AoS on my iPhone. Just like this tsunami of wretched cynicism washing over me as I tried to save some shred of interest I still have in the tabletop hobby. It has really brought out the worst in parts of the community.  I look around and I'm just like "fuck this". I was literally thanking people for posting positive things. Like....actually thanking them.

So yeah. It was getting me down.

Then I remembered this quote:

Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounding yourself with assholes.

So - light-bulb! - I will probably stop reading those forums for a while lol.  And try to frequent places where people are actually enjoying themselves.

ANYWAY - back to the topic at hand.

Yes, the Stormcast Eternals are like Space Marines. Sigmarines. It's a very convenient name actually.

Some think this guy is over-designed. He is. I still think he's completely badass and can't wait to paint him.

But in addition to the fact they have big shoulders and therefore are exactly like Terminators, they are similar to Space Marines in other ways:

- they are easy to assemble
- they are easy to paint
- you don't need many to make a force
- they are easy to paint a different color and "personalize" them (ie "mine are silver with black!" type of thing)
- they all look like they could kick a demon's ass
- they are more likely to appeal to the average dude than a line of guys in red long underwear. Sorry, but it's true.

Most of the negativity about these guys ends up with a line like "these only appeal to 12 year olds". Piss off. Personally, I really like them. I've always been that way though - drawn to cool things.  I like the expressionless, implacable looking helmets in particular. They make me think of this guy:

Yes he was horrible and evil but still, pretty distinctive style.

I dig the idea of the gates of Azyr opening and these guys pouring out to exact vengeance on  Chaos. Finally an army that actually looks like it could fight Chaos and maybe win.

I've mentioned this before but they also remind me a bit of the Diablo 3 aesthetic. Y'know...the PC game that has sold like 20 million copies. Could probably pick a worse look to emulate.

Anyway - snarky Jarrett doesn't come out very often. I'm usually really affable - honest. But I've just been getting so freaking fed up with the way the community has been acting lately, and questioning if the hobby overall is even worth all the money I seem hell-bent on throwing at it.

Meanwhile, I have a table coming together downstairs and my AoS starter is assembled and in various states of painted...ness. So I'll probably have photos to share at some point. I'm also buying both those new terrain kits they announced recently as they are also exceptionally cool looking.


  1. I can understand your frustration at the negative reactions, but newsflash...warseer and dakka are not the places to be if you want reasoned discussion! Said in the style of your opening paragraph.

    Feelings are running high on this topic, probably the most emotive topic in the past decade or two. Destroying 30 years of work will do that. I am still pissed off about it, but there's nothing I can do and ranting about it on the web achieves zero. So I have given the game system a go, it was a poor first game but I am prepared to persevere. I will be using my old collection - the medieval fantasy vibe is my thing. Technically the new models are amazing, saw them in a shop just yesterday, but the aesthetic is not for me. But good luck with your new venture, looking forward to your work on it - hopefully you can stick with it!

  2. You have some great thoughts on this, and I can appreciate your frustration with the web's comments. I think the big issue with everyone is that everything happened at once:
    * WHFB got killed
    * the whole game system was flipped
    * Sigmarines
    I agree that the new models, on their own, are some amazing work and at some point I will probably paint some up. Its unfortunate that so much focus has been on the new look, rather than how awesome both armies in the box are.
    Given the nature of current web fanaticism, this will last a few months, Tau will come out with some crazy new uber battle suit and all will be well.

  3. I don't have a stake in this as I stopped playing active GW games more than 10 years ago now. Still, the whole thing got me interested and I've been reading the rules and checking out the rumours of coming (more structured) campaign expansions with more rules etc. As far as the game itself goes I wouldn't mind giving it a try. Although I suspect I'll have more fun with Saga, Lion Rampant or Ronin the new rules have me curious.

    The models don't really bother me as I think they're pretty much in line with what GW regularly produce these days. I don't like them, but they're technically very good and I think it's weird that current GW players hate them this much when they feel like a logical next step.

    What actually bothers me the most is the killing off of the Old World. I have mostly experienced the setting through the roleplaying game(s) and I'm sad to see that entire rich world more or less disappear. It has me wondering if Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay now is well and truly dead in the sense that there won't be a new edition.

    1. I'll second this (although I still play GW games when I have the time, and collect the models regularly).

      What's most upsetting to me is the reboot of the fluff. The Old World was a rich and storied place, full of real drama and humanity. While the miniatures game became more and more unwieldy over time and with each subsequent edition, the background was extremely compelling (enough so that the IP was licensed out by just about everyone at some point, and completely ripped off by Blizzard as well).

      So, while I can be cautiously optimistic about the new game direction, I have a harder time embracing the new fluff. Jarett, I know you like the new mythical feel of it, but even the ancient Greeks liked their gods and heroes better with human flaws and foils. A bit of personality and individual character goes a long way. I just don't see this with the new Sigmarites, or their new multidimensional universe. I would have much rather seen the Old World overrun by Chaos, and the Sigmarites coming to help the overwhelmed races reclaim it, nation by nation (sort of like a D-Day landing of Allied armies?). Sigmarites would have been a great standalone army, or one allied with a longtime player's existing ones in that case. And the Old World that was beloved by so many would still be there, underneath the iron boot of Chaos.

  4. You know, that picture of Mordred has been stuck in my head since I first saw the Stormcast guys. Who ever designed them was watching Excalibur...and drinking too. I do like them though, and I intend to pull my fantasy guys back out to try out the rules. I like the fresh start, though part of me will miss the old world. Sniff, sniff......

  5. You know, that picture of Mordred has been stuck in my head since I first saw the Stormcast guys. Who ever designed them was watching Excalibur...and drinking too. I do like them though, and I intend to pull my fantasy guys back out to try out the rules. I like the fresh start, though part of me will miss the old world. Sniff, sniff......

  6. I am still waiting to see what they do the rest of the warhammer groups such as the Elves both wood and high as well as the Empire and the Bretton also the Lizard people as well.