Sunday, April 12, 2015

Skitarii Rangers Done

First unit of Skitarii Rangers - really like these models, easy and enjoyable to paint too! I have another unit and a Dragoon to assemble.  I will (hopefully) be adding Imperial Knights in an Adeptus Mechanicus theme as well.


- Glue one or two rocks on the base to break up the Martian Ironearth a bit
- Prime Black on metal parts, and Vallejo Red Brown on cloak and base
- airbrush the metal parts with Alclad 2 Duraluminum
- (brush) paint the inner robes with P3 Menoth White Base, highlight it with GW screaming skull
- (brush) paint the robes with Khorne Red
- airbrush the robes with highlight of GW Scarlet Red
- Airbrush the robes with GW Wild Rider red
- clean up the metal parts if any got red on them
- edge the robes with GW Squig Orange
- Gold parts are Vallejo Liquid Gold Red Gold
- coat the whole model in Aclad 2 Aqua Clear Gloss
- wash the metal parts with Vallejo Black Wash + a bit if Future acrylic floor wax
- paint any glowing parts with P3 frostbite
- lightly spray glowing parts with Minitaire Ghost Tint Plasma Fluid
- Apply decals over still-glossy robes
- apply martian ironearth to bases, rims painted black
- martian ironearth is drybrushed with Jokero Orange and then just a very small amount of Kindleflame on rocks and large cracks
- various ropes are done in random brown color(s)
- backpack is P3 Gun Corps Brown with a wash of GW sepia
- tidy up feet and paint the little bits and bobs on the hoods with mithril silver
- paints are P3 coal black
- Alclad 2 flat coat to the appropriate areas including over decals, avoiding metallic areas

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  1. Man those are great. How long is "eavy Metal going to let you borrow them? Just kidding!