Sunday, January 25, 2015

Building an Infinity Board

Hi guys,

For some reason I am really into the process of putting together a cool table for Infinity (and it ain't cheap because I'm all about the cool laser cut and resin terrain stuff lol). I say "for some reason" because I've never played a game of Infinity (yet). I hope to fix that soon. Meanwhile, I think I'm just enjoying the process of making this table look as cool and detailed (and fun to play on) as possible.

It's not really laid out for a game yet, I was just putting stuff wherever it looked good. Then I put in some of my Nomad force (and a couple of the Morats I have finished so far) and took some shots.

In terms of what's being used, so far it is made up of the following components:

- Warsenal shipping containers
- Bandua Wargames Q buildings
- Micro-art Studios Warehouse gaming mat, big billboards and scatter terrain
- iKube cardboard crate things
- Bandua crates (a few are in painting room and not shown yet)
- O: IS scenery pack (although the buildings don't feel like they "fit in" and I am likely to eventually use only laser cut stuff)
- Customeeple building signs
- Printed smaller signs (like the warning signs etc)
- Model Railroad graffiti decals
- Antenocitti's Workshop resin/paper computer screens

Anyway, here's some photos - I'm really digging it so far :D


  1. They look great! Where did you get your graffiti decals?

  2. Bought them quite a long time ago at a local hobby store (Hobby Wholesale). Really nice quality.

  3. Lovely job on the table Jarrett! Like you, I have some Infinity models (love the sculpts), but have never played. They had a demo of it at Fallcon 2 years ago, but the amount of detail was beyond my attention span.

  4. Thanks Terry. Yeah the rules are very detailed and daunting (although I'm hoping N3 helps with that). That said, it looks fun to me and I like the size of the battles (skirmish), and there seems to be a pretty healthy player base in Edmonton area.

  5. Once you folks are up & running, let me know, I may pop down to check it out & see if its a bit easier on the brain! I've always been a big fan of the Ariadne faction.

  6. Oh I almost forgot Jarrett, if your looking for some more barricades, Tiny Worlds makes some excellent ones
    I have some painted on my blog, just scroll down a fair ways to see them