Sunday, January 25, 2015

Building an Infinity Board

Hi guys,

For some reason I am really into the process of putting together a cool table for Infinity (and it ain't cheap because I'm all about the cool laser cut and resin terrain stuff lol). I say "for some reason" because I've never played a game of Infinity (yet). I hope to fix that soon. Meanwhile, I think I'm just enjoying the process of making this table look as cool and detailed (and fun to play on) as possible.

It's not really laid out for a game yet, I was just putting stuff wherever it looked good. Then I put in some of my Nomad force (and a couple of the Morats I have finished so far) and took some shots.

In terms of what's being used, so far it is made up of the following components:

- Warsenal shipping containers
- Bandua Wargames Q buildings
- Micro-art Studios Warehouse gaming mat, big billboards and scatter terrain
- iKube cardboard crate things
- Bandua crates (a few are in painting room and not shown yet)
- O: IS scenery pack (although the buildings don't feel like they "fit in" and I am likely to eventually use only laser cut stuff)
- Customeeple building signs
- Printed smaller signs (like the warning signs etc)
- Model Railroad graffiti decals
- Antenocitti's Workshop resin/paper computer screens

Anyway, here's some photos - I'm really digging it so far :D