Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nurgle Blightkings WIP

Hi folks, sorry for the long silence. Work is kicking my butt lately (family life is pretty crazy too with 3 little ones!). I'm actually painting more than my updates would suggest. The problem is my small amount of free time goes to the actual painting and then I don't take time to post photos or blog updates :)

Among other projects on my painting table right now are the new Nurgle Blightkings. I've always had a fondness for nurgle. This is a great kit - lots of nice details and variety, and they are really enjoyable to paint so far!  This is just a WIP shot obviously, plenty of work left to do on them.

Update: the image I had cropped/brightened a bit turned these guys too blue/purple for some reason, so here's the raw image.  I intend to highlight the flesh to be a little more white and also to of course add yellow/brown/green/icky to them.


  1. Good to see you are still painting, but I think you let the kids at this lot, they have purple skin ;) Looking forward to seeing what you do with them, this is the first GW release in a good while that has got my attention. It's pricey for a regiment, but as characters it ain't too bad. See you in about three months?

  2. Heh, maybe :D Actually the weird thing is they aren't this purple in real life. For some reason, uploading them to the blog em-purplenated them a bit.