Monday, October 27, 2014

Maggoth Lord WIP shot

Another fun kit to paint, still lots to do on the creature - and the rider needs to be started. The horn transitions need to be smoothed out too. Teeth not done...lots of details to finish, but I'm digging him so far!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blightkings Finished

Hi folks, finished this unit up finally - lots of little details to attend to but ultimately I'm really happy how they turned out. Granted, they look a little more like zombies/dead guys than just sickly ones but I do kinda dig the white, pallid flesh I used. I might do 5 more and then mix them up a bit so some are this color and some are a bit "healthier" tone but still very gross :)

I have the new Maggoth that came out today - he's assembled and waiting for basing/primer. Looking forward to painting him up.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Blightkings WIP 3

Just posting another quick photo update. Getting there, getting there :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

More Blightkings WIP

More progress this evening. Still a fair bit left to do.  I'm posting a relatively raw shot from my iPhone (except I cropped it).

Nurgle Blightkings WIP

Hi folks, sorry for the long silence. Work is kicking my butt lately (family life is pretty crazy too with 3 little ones!). I'm actually painting more than my updates would suggest. The problem is my small amount of free time goes to the actual painting and then I don't take time to post photos or blog updates :)

Among other projects on my painting table right now are the new Nurgle Blightkings. I've always had a fondness for nurgle. This is a great kit - lots of nice details and variety, and they are really enjoyable to paint so far!  This is just a WIP shot obviously, plenty of work left to do on them.

Update: the image I had cropped/brightened a bit turned these guys too blue/purple for some reason, so here's the raw image.  I intend to highlight the flesh to be a little more white and also to of course add yellow/brown/green/icky to them.