Sunday, March 9, 2014

Imperial Knight WIP

Well, despite the high cost ($170 bucks in Canada - holy cow) I have jumped on the Imperial Knight bandwagon. I have to admit it's a very, very nice model in person. It went together in about 2 hours I think and I'm already well into painting it. I think the decals and the gold trim will take the longest. I'm going to use some really high-shine metallics and golds to make this guy gleam. I'm going for factory-new finish (no reason in particular, I just think it will look sharp). Right now I've got most of the blues done and masked off so I can spray the reds. Then I will mask that and spray the metallics.

I could see myself doing another one of these. In fact, I could see myself doing a little army of these but I suspect that will be really unpopular to play against.

If I do another one I might try to film it to do a tutorial. At this point I'm too far in to bother on this one. Oh and I'm not magnetizing the gun. I looked at the bitz and thought about it, but looks like a bit of a pain and I have low bandwidth in terms of time and appetite for butt pain right now :D

Update: another WIP shot

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