Saturday, March 15, 2014

Imperial Knight WIP Update 3 - almost done....

Man - these models are beasts to paint and finish up. I think it's one of those models you can either paint super fast or take forever...and both approaches can look great lol :)  I've seen some folks online crank out 2 or 3 of these quite fast. I'm jealous.

For me, it has been somewhat painstaking getting all the clean edges on the transfers and dual colored areas, things like that. Also the Vallejo liquid gold is giving me trouble - it goes on so nice, but I find it harder to use on detailed areas due to my brush getting "clumpy" pretty fast (even with alchohol to thin it etc).

Also, to finish the transfers I'm using Alclad 2 flat coat - it is SUPER flat...but almost to the point where in places it nearly looks dusty, in a way. Hard to explain.

I've also managed to F up his helmet a fair bit - just can't quite "nail it" with 4 neatly edged helmet panels. I'll try to fix this one up or maybe switch to the other medieval looking one. The other one is arguably cooler anyways.

Most of the model is glued now except the torso and leg sections are separate (ie a top half and a bottom half).


  1. Looking great. I really like the base. The reds/oranges in it look great against the blue. Alcohol sometimes causes paint coagulation for lack of a better term. It works initially but ends up really messing up the paint and brush. I wonder if this is what you are experiencing.

  2. It could be but my understanding is you are supposed to use isopropyl alcohol with the liquid gold paints...