Sunday, March 23, 2014

Imperial Knight - Hawkshroud - almost done....

Almost done - pretty happy with how he's turning out. Still have work to do of course - matte varnishing, some of the silver trim (it's actually Vallejo Liquid "White Gold" but didnt go on as smooth as I'd like because it's a bit old). Base needs to be finished, and a few other transfers/details. I will also probably lightly weather this one (not much, just a bit). I'm about to buy another kit, still enjoying these! Thinking maybe Obsidian Knight next (although he'll be kinda easy to do).

Oh and I had to kinda invent that transfer design on the white shoulder because the standard transfer sheet only has "half" of Hawkshroud stuff. Doesn't have the nice laurel design in the official shots.


  1. Beautiful work. Dammit, I wanted to hate these models, but I love them, thanks to painters like you.

  2. Thanks :D He's almost done - I think I want to add a bit of wear. If I wasn't going to, he'd actually be done. I'm just concerned that "factory new" looking is holding back the first one I painted (on ebay, sales-wise).