Sunday, March 23, 2014

Imperial Knight - House Hawkshroud - Finished

Finally finished this guy - in the end, I'm super happy with how he turned out. Adding just a bit of weathering in the form of chips and scorching etc gives it some personality :)

The House Terryn knight didn't sell for quite as much as I was hoping (I have a few ideas as to why) so I'm hoping this guy does a bit better for me on ebay. He's for sale here.

Hope you like this one!

Next up is either Obsidian Knight or Taranis I think.

Here's a bunch of photos!

Imperial Knight - Hawkshroud - almost done....

Almost done - pretty happy with how he's turning out. Still have work to do of course - matte varnishing, some of the silver trim (it's actually Vallejo Liquid "White Gold" but didnt go on as smooth as I'd like because it's a bit old). Base needs to be finished, and a few other transfers/details. I will also probably lightly weather this one (not much, just a bit). I'm about to buy another kit, still enjoying these! Thinking maybe Obsidian Knight next (although he'll be kinda easy to do).

Oh and I had to kinda invent that transfer design on the white shoulder because the standard transfer sheet only has "half" of Hawkshroud stuff. Doesn't have the nice laurel design in the official shots.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Imperial Knight WIP - House Hawkshroud

WIP shot of my next Imperial Knight - this time House Hawkshroud. He is currently a bit glossy in preparation for some wash and decal work.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Imperial Knight on Ebay

Hi everyone - thought I should probably mention (on my own blog) the Imperial Knight is now on ebay with a few days to go. You can find the auction here.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Imperial Knight of House Terryn - Finished Pics

Few more pictures - this is the final Imperial Knight, without his helmet/mask which I'm still working on - as a focal point I want to make sure it's clean and crisply painted. I recently moved my photo setup and wanted to try something new (the mirror on the bottom) although I clearly need a larger white backdrop and the mirror is "double reflecting" :\   Hard to fit this whole guy into the frame too.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Imperial Knight WIP Update 3 - almost done....

Man - these models are beasts to paint and finish up. I think it's one of those models you can either paint super fast or take forever...and both approaches can look great lol :)  I've seen some folks online crank out 2 or 3 of these quite fast. I'm jealous.

For me, it has been somewhat painstaking getting all the clean edges on the transfers and dual colored areas, things like that. Also the Vallejo liquid gold is giving me trouble - it goes on so nice, but I find it harder to use on detailed areas due to my brush getting "clumpy" pretty fast (even with alchohol to thin it etc).

Also, to finish the transfers I'm using Alclad 2 flat coat - it is SUPER flat...but almost to the point where in places it nearly looks dusty, in a way. Hard to explain.

I've also managed to F up his helmet a fair bit - just can't quite "nail it" with 4 neatly edged helmet panels. I'll try to fix this one up or maybe switch to the other medieval looking one. The other one is arguably cooler anyways.

Most of the model is glued now except the torso and leg sections are separate (ie a top half and a bottom half).

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Updated Imperial Knight WIP

Work in progress shot - still plenty of work left to do. I'm impressed by how FAST some folks managed to paint theirs! I still have to do a lot of detailing, add gold trim to the torso sections and arms, as well as transfers which will take a while (I want them to be as perfect as possible in terms of placement and finish).

He's pretty glossy looking right now because I have hit some of the areas already with gloss varnish in anticipation of the decal work.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Imperial Knight WIP

Well, despite the high cost ($170 bucks in Canada - holy cow) I have jumped on the Imperial Knight bandwagon. I have to admit it's a very, very nice model in person. It went together in about 2 hours I think and I'm already well into painting it. I think the decals and the gold trim will take the longest. I'm going to use some really high-shine metallics and golds to make this guy gleam. I'm going for factory-new finish (no reason in particular, I just think it will look sharp). Right now I've got most of the blues done and masked off so I can spray the reds. Then I will mask that and spray the metallics.

I could see myself doing another one of these. In fact, I could see myself doing a little army of these but I suspect that will be really unpopular to play against.

If I do another one I might try to film it to do a tutorial. At this point I'm too far in to bother on this one. Oh and I'm not magnetizing the gun. I looked at the bitz and thought about it, but looks like a bit of a pain and I have low bandwidth in terms of time and appetite for butt pain right now :D

Update: another WIP shot

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dwarf Longbear unit and Cyriss Unit

Hi guys, thought I'd post up a couple of units I recently completed. The longbeards took me a lot longer than I expected. Great models but lots of details! The Cyriss (reciprocators?) also took a long time but that's because I got bored of them halfway through.

I'm still in Dwarf mode, and have a Gyro copter and Iron Drakes on the work bench, with the new Runesmith waiting for primer as well.

I'm so lazy/busy these days I decided to just take iphone shots of these latest works right in my little display cabinet. Sorry if the photos aren't great lol :D