Monday, February 24, 2014

Dwarf Longbeard WIP continues

I'm really digging the new Dwarf plastics from GW. If they weren't so expensive for 10, I'd do some pretty big blocks of these Longbeards. In particular I love those shields.

This is before any matte varnish and the beards aren't done. More work left to do. I'm loathe to matte varnish them as I don't want to lose the luster of the gold and silver armor etc - but I find myself forced to use washes to pull out some of the details (like on the shields) which leaves them looking a tad too glossy for my tastes. Still, overall I think they are coming along.

I also started to paint the Gyrocopter and assembled a unit of Irondrakes.

10 at a time...10 at a time....


  1. Looking great so far - have to say loving the Dwarf Renaissance's going on at my favourite blogs at the moment!

    I think you could spread that blue into a few more places but I realise they are not done yet.

    Totally failing to resist these models...

  2. Yep for sure - ill probably try to spread the blue to the shield a bit.

  3. I like gold shields more. This way standard pops out more. I guess gems could be blue. Anyway, nice painting. Cannot wait to see them finished.