Sunday, January 5, 2014

More WIP of the Sinanju Stein

Hi guys,

Decided to try reassembling him tonight just to see how he's looking with the metallic sections painted. You can see his white areas are generally just messy right now. The idea will be to mask off the metals and paint the blacks/colors, then mask those and paint the white areas.  Then decals and finishing work.

I'm finding Gunpla a bit vexxing in the sense that I'm struggling with the fact that these models MOVE lol. Every time I move something, paint gets scuffed/scratched. Even after some gloss coating and what I thought was long curing periods. I'm still not sure what to do about it to be honest. The obvious answer is "don't move him" etc. But it's not realistic and kinda goes against the whole vibe of this hobby and these kits. For example, the bazooka in his right hand - that barrel collapses into the weapon. But when I did that, the metal on the barrel got a scratch along it.


  1. You may want to look into a multi part clear system called cerakote. They make an air drying (takes over a week to cure) but is generally used as an abrasion resistant coating for automotive/firearms. There is a bake on version, but it would most likely melt the kit.

    It is a very thin application when applied via airbrush. Just an idea if you are looking for more durability for your moving parts.

    These kits have always intrigued me, just never picked one up to mess around with

  2. The idea is that just build, paint and then arrange the kit in a sexy pose. And leave it in that pose.

    Or paint the inner frame in a color that closely matches the plastic.

  3. Looks pretty awesome!

    You probarbly have adressed this allready, but are you taking a break from painting warhammer miniatures? also any plans on doing any more videos? your video tutorials were really good, learned alot from them. I guess they take alot of time to make, but would love to see them reappear!

  4. Thanks Wiggen. I guess I am on a break from Warhammer minis - I've gotten a bit tired of GW lately and needed a change. I don't know if I'll do videos for a while just because of the time commitment involved and the basic pain in the butt logistics of filming and editing :)

    1. Understandable, still i look forward to future blog posts =)