Sunday, January 5, 2014

More WIP of the Sinanju Stein

Hi guys,

Decided to try reassembling him tonight just to see how he's looking with the metallic sections painted. You can see his white areas are generally just messy right now. The idea will be to mask off the metals and paint the blacks/colors, then mask those and paint the white areas.  Then decals and finishing work.

I'm finding Gunpla a bit vexxing in the sense that I'm struggling with the fact that these models MOVE lol. Every time I move something, paint gets scuffed/scratched. Even after some gloss coating and what I thought was long curing periods. I'm still not sure what to do about it to be honest. The obvious answer is "don't move him" etc. But it's not realistic and kinda goes against the whole vibe of this hobby and these kits. For example, the bazooka in his right hand - that barrel collapses into the weapon. But when I did that, the metal on the barrel got a scratch along it.

Friday, January 3, 2014

More Painting on the Sinanju Stein

Hey folks, hope you all had a great holiday. Mine comes to an end in a couple of days, and I'll be heading back to work. Sweet.

For Xmas I basically asked my wife for Gunpla models and she came through nicely - I got a Nu Gundam Ver Ka, the Sazabi Ver Ka (the new one), a Real Grade GP01 Zephyranthes, and a couple more RG's that are in the mail (I forget the names right now).

But in any case I started - finally - putting more paint on the Sinanju Stein. For now I've applied Alclad Gloss Black Laquer as a base coat, over which I'll be applying Aluminum Air Frame to give it a nice metallic sheen. Most of the exposed areas are getting this treatment. Once that's done, I will be moving any of the joints that move (arms, legs etc) to paint the metallic on the newly exposed areas as well. Then, when all of this has cured, I'll mask those bits off and paint the white and the other colors. I'm thinking of going for a relatively monochromatic look of black, off white and some varying greys. I'm not sure I'm feeling bold enough to do anything primary like red, orange etc.

Here's the spread of various parts drying. You can see I'm using some new Mr Hobby clips that I also got for Xmas.

By the way, this process for metallic would, I think, look fantastic on "metal colored" armies in the wargames hobby - like Necrons, Convergence of Cyriss and factions like that.

Update: first application of Airframe Aluminum.