Friday, December 6, 2013

Where have I been, Gundam It?

Sorry for the lack of posts - life has been busy, especially as the holidays approach. I also was in a bit of a painting slump, partly due to being very engrossed in the Last of Us for a couple of weeks (PS3 game) and partly just from lack of inspiration and motivation. I've been dabbling in some Infinity models and some Convergence of Cyriss models, but haven't been making fast progress on any of it.

Then something interesting happened. I came across this story on a gaming site I read every day (partly because it covers my industry).

Ehrmagherd I love this.
 I was really blown away by this model. The amount of time that went into customizing it, the razor sharp paint job, the detailing etc. I just loved it. So that got me searching Google about Gundam models.

I never realized the depth of that hobby, the amount of models available, and how amazing a well painted one could look! Suddenly I'm feeling really inspired to try painting something a little different for a change. It's not model cars or trains  - it's still in the sci-fi vein, but I think I'm finding it refreshing that it's not Warhammer or Warmachine, or tiny soldiers.

So in any case, I bought my first kit and this evening started assembling it. It's quite a different kind of modeling experience - for example, so far it's all push-fit and no glue! But some of it, like cleaning up sprue nubs etc, is very familiar territory.

The kit I'm working on is this one

MG Sinanji Stein Ver Ka

Excuse the weird purple flecks, my camera phone is messed up.

 The only thing is I'm terrified of painting it and making it look anything less than awesome :D  I've seen some really incredible ones online. The good news is there are lots of WIP and help articles online. This should be fun because I will stretch my painting skills a little bit to try and achieve new finishes, such as a metallic red or things like that. Colors and techniques I don't usually use when doing Warhammer or Warmachine models.  That said, with this guy I will probably end up playing it pretty safe :P

For what it's worth - I've never seen a Gundam cartoon or show. Although I did really enjoy Pacific Rim :)


  1. I had the same epiphany, and I have bought kits. To be honest I was always a Gundam fan but never got around to building anything until I saw a copy of a Japanese modelling magazine. I still have yet to build one as I am currently busy with some backlog work, but I can't wait to get started.

  2. cool, must resist!!

    this guys site has some great info!