Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gunpla Sinanju Stein WIP Shot - Alclad II Paint...

Hey guys,

So I started (finally) to paint the Sinanju Stein. So far I've laid down some shading, some white, and some panel lining. But also, I've started painting the inner frame with a new metallic paint process (for me, that is). I'm using Alclad 2 metallic paints. They are a laquer paint, which I am really not used to at all. A far cry from my GW metallics for sure.

Basically the approach is to do a first coat with gloss black (in this case I'm using Alclad's gloss black base) and then, after that dries, you apply the metallic. Here I'm using Airframe Aluminum. You can see it comes out pretty smooth and shiny. So far so good. The only trick is I think my undercoat was not very smooth, and so in spots it does look rough. Also, this does seem like nasty stuff (toxic) as compared to the water based stuff I usually paint, so I'm using a breathing mask (I forget what they are called, the ones with the two round things on the front lol).  Also, I think I'll go through the dedicated Alclad airbrush cleaner relatively fast.

Still, all in all I'm happy with the progress so far. I could actually see myself painting the whole model! What I want to do is add in some nice satin black panel sections and then a nice amber/yellow for other panels (again, like Mass Effect Cerberus) but I'm a bit worried I will screw up the amber tones.  TBD.

Here's a shot of the partly painted leg, and the unpainted one. Note the painted one is bent. I was painting the inner joint/frame, and once that cures 24 hours I will extend it again and paint the other portions of the frame that become exposed. I dont want to bend it right now because I noticed I was already seeing some paint scraping on the primer coat when I did it too quickly.  So far this is over a primer coat of Vallejo Surface Primer black. Seems to be working decently.

Ignore the purple dots/flecks, it's my camera phone.

By the way, how awesome would that smooth, shiny finish on the metallics look on Convergence of Cyriss models?? The only problem (for me) is they wouldn't match the ones I've done so far very well.


  1. Looks good. The white is airbrushed?

    Would it not have been easier to paint the inner frame before attaching the outer armor?

    I have the new Sazabi ver Ka MG on the way in the mail. My first GunPla :-) Cant wait.

  2. That Sazabi looks amazing :D I'm definitely going to tackle it too. To be honest, the way assembly of these goes I think I'd struggle to follow the instructions and paint as I went. Hard to explain, I just think I'm not great at painting the intermediate steps. I'd probably get bored. But yes, it would have been easier to paint that way :) I can actually remove the armor in some cases.

  3. Cool.

    Just got the Sazabi today. Carefully reading the instructions to see what to paint before and after assembly. Considering painting all the frame parts while theys till are attached to the runners, then fix where the gate marks are after.

  4. Hi there,

    I think you do need to more 'partial assemblies' while painting, rather than building completely and painting.

    Also you may need to learn preshading (high contrast, because the covering colours will make it less obvious), washing of metallic parts and panel lining, this is what makes good gunpla really stand out (and not look like powdercoated plastic). I love your miniature painting, but I think you will have to adjust your style and develop airbrush skill for gunpla, it is very satisfying to complete one though .