Monday, December 9, 2013

Gunpla Progress - MG Sinanju Stein Ver Ka

It's been a really interesting few days since receiving my first Gundam model kit by Bandai. The hobby itself seems to be referred to as Gunpla so I'll be using that term from now on. Actually part of the fun I'm having is just diving into this whole other hobby world I wasn't aware of - learning the history of the hobby, what the various grades mean, all that jazz. It's really interesting (and appealing!).

I've been putting in a handful of hours a day since Friday, and have just finished the majority of the main body and limbs. Still need to do the backpack/thrusters, shield, and weapons. 

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A few things I found notable:
  • The box was very large and packed with parts. And yet, with shipping the cost was less than 100 dollars Canadian. So I have to say, the hobby feels more affordable than Games Workshop (GW - Warhammer and 40K) already....
  • The model is very tall - I don't have a measuring tape handy, but looks like ~ 9-10 inches?
  • The engineering is just crazy - all the various parts are articulated/movable. I'm still getting used to it, so posing him to stand for a photo wasnt easy. But for example, all the digits in his fingers can move. It's kinda awesome.
  • The model comes apart (sometimes a bit too easily) so that will help for painting. I can remove the head, legs, arms etc to paint them individually. Still pretty intimidated about that by the way.
  • No basing is nice, for a change lol.
  • The instructions are easier to follow than GW instructions, especially lately where GW seems to have reverted to very small images/type and the booklets almost have a photocopied look.
  • Still no need for glue. It's just a nice, "clean" building experience so far. 
  • I'm enjoying taking my time with it. I see this kit (and hopefully future ones) as a bit of a longer project than I used to strive for with my GW kits. With Warhammer stuff I was always kinda desperately trying to build it and paint it as fast as possible. I have no clue why that was, but there you have it. Who knows though, with my hobby ADD it's possible I could suddenly lose interest halfway through painting this guy!
    • I think there's more flexibility in this hobby community in terms of color schemes. So for example even though this guy is supposed to be blue/white (like the plastic colors are), I don't think people would balk at something different like metallic blue or something. That said, for my inaugural model I am probably going to play it pretty safe. I was actually thinking about using Cerberus (Mass Effect) colors.


  1. Good deal Jarrett. Nice to see you having fun getting into the whole mecha thing, or Gundam, more specifically.