Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lizardmen Saurus Scar Vet on Carnosaur

Hey folks, sorry for the lack of posts lately.

I finished this guy up today, and am starting to assemble and work on a small Lizardmen army. Those of you whole follow the blog will find that amusing (because I never...well, almost never....stick to a project for very long :)  I was looking at models around my work area today and thinking if I had more "stick to it ness" I'd be way richer and have more forces done.

The Scar Vet on Carnosaur is not considered a very competitive choice - but I feel he looks badass, and since I rarely win these games anyway I figure I might as well look as cool as possible (not me...the army) while losing!

I used a satin varnish on the scales - I'm not sure if I like it or not. The effect worked great on my Tyranid's shells but that may have been because they are smooth surfaces.  I wanted to go for almost turtle-shell vibe on any scaly areas but it may be an unnecessary distraction.


  1. Cracking work as usual, if you had more "stick to it ness" then yeah you would be richer, but we as a community would def be poorer for not seeing the variety of your finished models. I for one am glad that you are distracted with the next cool looking model/ army (as are most of us gamers,painters and modellers) it's one of the joys of watching this hobby/ business grow to what it has become today. Seeing you stick to painting one thing, I think, would lessen your cracking Blog so please keep the updates coming and I for one will look forward to the next cool looking model painted by yourself.

  2. Great work, as always! I just love the clean-ness of your colours and your bases! And don't worry about the varnish on the scales, I think it looks just right. It truly gives the thing this turtle-feel you talked about, it's great!
    One thing, however, bothers me with this model: those stone elements (the Saurus's saddle arch and the weapon he's wielding) look a bit too clean for my liking. I think it could use more... texture, more weathering, more grittiness to fit the mood better. Right now it looks almost as clean as concrete, and I don't think that fits with the Warhammer World all too well. But that's just my subjective 2 cents.
    Awesome work, nonetheless!

  3. Totally fair comment thanks Kai! Yeah for future Lizardmen work I'll take another look at making the stone more weathered fors ure.