Thursday, October 24, 2013

Saurus Warriors (partial unit) completed

Finished up first 16 Saurus Warriors. This unit will ultimately be 6 wide and have a full command. About 30-32 Saurus.  I was definitely cutting corners because I don't have the patience these days for big rank and file units :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lizardmen Saurus Scar Vet on Carnosaur

Hey folks, sorry for the lack of posts lately.

I finished this guy up today, and am starting to assemble and work on a small Lizardmen army. Those of you whole follow the blog will find that amusing (because I never...well, almost never....stick to a project for very long :)  I was looking at models around my work area today and thinking if I had more "stick to it ness" I'd be way richer and have more forces done.

The Scar Vet on Carnosaur is not considered a very competitive choice - but I feel he looks badass, and since I rarely win these games anyway I figure I might as well look as cool as possible (not me...the army) while losing!

I used a satin varnish on the scales - I'm not sure if I like it or not. The effect worked great on my Tyranid's shells but that may have been because they are smooth surfaces.  I wanted to go for almost turtle-shell vibe on any scaly areas but it may be an unnecessary distraction.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Miniature Bids is Live and Cookin'

Hey gang,

Although lately most of my auctions have been on Ebay (especially expensive ones like the Zombicide set), I'm keeping a very close eye on

Basically the site proposes to give gamers and hobbyists a place to buy and sell models without the relatively exorbitant fees Ebay tends to demand.  Arguably it should also bring buyers and sellers together who have a very specific desire to buy and sell the spoils of our hobby - so there should be higher interest from buyers and better deals to be had.

This post is to help spread the word, because without enough buyers and sellers the site will have trouble flourishing. I am already pondering what sort's of models I should dip my toe in the water with as far as selling. I have a *LOT* of unpainted, rare, nice models that could use a better home than mine.

As a marketer, I have to say I'm super impressed by the work they are doing to spread the word about their site and service. Their facebook page is very active and they don't just get spammy, they post interesting auctions, informative links, all kinds of stuff. They also obviously encourage people to spread the word - which is what I'm doing here with this post.

I've given them direct feedback (which they've acknowledged, which is cool) about adding tools for sellers - specifically the ability to view/sort/analyze sold or completed auctions. I use that a lot on Ebay to figure out what's popular and what approximate price to ask for things. I believe that's in their pipeline. I feel a bit "blind" on their site until they add that.

Anyone tried it yet as far as buying or selling? If so, how'd it go? Once I try it for myself I'll report back here with results.