Sunday, September 8, 2013

Zombicide...lurching towards the finish line

Finally completed the last of the zombies in my Abomination level season 1 Zombicide set. Now there's basically just one "base set" survivor (the Goth chick) and then the three promo ones...'course, survivors take longer than zombies with my production line setup.

If I can get those done I'll probably put the entire set up on ebay. TBD. I don't want to part with it after all this work, but at the same time my hobby spending has been a little "extreme" lately :|


  1. Looking good Jarrett, I have gone the other way & have completed all the basegame characters & 3 expansion ones, who have since travelled off to a new home. There sure are a lot of zombies to paint & the latest Zombicide expansions will be arriving soon

  2. Thanks Terry! Yeah in hind-sight I don't know if I really needed to paint up all of these zombies. At least the end is (sorta) in sight...for Season 1. I don't think I'll paint up all the other zombivor extras I got with Season 1. I'm a bit zombicided out for now.

    That said, I did get in on Kickstarter season 2 ;P