Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Farsight Enclaves - Crisis Battlesuits

Hey guys, finished up 6 Crisis suits yesterday. Most projects are taking me far, far longer than they used to between gaming, working and parenting :)

Pretty happy with these overall - they match the Riptide and for "really nice gaming quality" I think they fit the bill.

I'm totally being uncreative with these - using the official "how to paint" color scheme basically. Base of Khorne Red, wash of Nuln Oil, highlight of Wazdakka Red, then edged with Squig Orange and Bestigor Flesh.  Grey is Dawnstone edged with Administratum grey.  Mix of airbrush and regular brush work.

Crisis Suits GO!


  1. Nice job, will look good with the riptide on the battlefield

  2. Wow. Your pumping them out J. The guide they did for the Tau painting works really good for tabletop. Good job.

  3. Id Just like to ask, did you wash with the airbrush?

    A tutorial on how you painted these guys would be awesome It is very nice crisp work. Good job.

  4. Thanks! I'll have to consider doing one :) Wash was not applied with airbrush, no. I find that doesn't work so well.