Sunday, July 28, 2013

Farsight Enclave - Riptide

Hi everyone (if anyone is left)!

Been a while, eh?  I've been pretty busy with work, home, and League of Legends (to which I am grossly addicted). Plus, I started working on a couple of pretty large kits which have really bogged down. For example, I have an Iyanden Wraithknight around 75% done but keep stalling out on it. It's such a bit kit :\

Another big kit (or so I thought before the Wraithknight showed up) is the Tau Riptide....

I finally finished this guy..decided to go with Farsight Enclave colors. This guy took me forever because I had him painted in a totally different scheme (remember the beige Broadside?)...Didn't like how that one was going, so I stripped it. Used brake fluid, and left him in it too long, so some parts broke off and/or I proceeded to lose them lol. I think it ate into the plastic in places. In fact the Ion gun broke off too and I had to superglue it. Notice the missing fins on his shield? Yeah. But it's a 100 dollar kit in Canada and I wanted to salvage him. Overall I'm happy with the final result, and am hoping to paint more Farsight models.


  1. Well done on the restoration fellah never an easy choice stripping models back!

    I went too gung ho with some Eldar a while back but I should've been more restrained and stripped a unit at the time but I did the whole army and now they languish unpainted!

  2. Good job Jarrett. Funny though, seems like we keep painting the same armies at the same time. I just started my Farsight Tau as well. We were doing Necrons at the same time as well. In the same colors too. Lol. I'm starting with the battlesuits, but I'm eyeing the Riptide now. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Maybe a tutorial on painting the Farsight Enclave.

  3. Cool! And thank you :) I'm actually just finishing 6 battlesuits, I'll probably post them pretty soon. Tutorial wise it's nothing special, I'm using the process in the "how to paint" digital guide GW released. I'm getting less and less creative as time goes by. I'll maybe list it out sometime soon. After the battlesuits I have two missile pod broadsides in wip.

  4. I did the same. I guess I'm getting a little lazy as well in my old age. I'll post mine on my blog by weeks end. Check it out if you get a chance.

  5. Hey Jarrett, as always a great paint job, could you explain how you did the base, I really like the look you achieved x

  6. Thanks Rupert, sure can!

    - Base is Bestial Brown, dry-brush with Khemri Dust, Dry-brush with Ushabti Bone
    - Highland tufts from Army painter