Monday, July 29, 2013

Reaper Bones - Finally Arrived!

Today my Kickstarter Vampire pledge + extras arrived from Reaper. It took a pretty long time - months longer than it took a lot of American backers to get theirs. The reason was to save Canadians the duties and brokerage - but those are usually only ~ 20-30 bucks, which I'd have paid instead of waiting THAT much longer to get the stuff....

In any case, I got all the models you can already see all over Google, plus a couple of the Giants sets (frost?) and a whole bunch of their Master Series paints sets (see photo). Everything looks great. There's been complaints about the level of detail on these - at first look, the giants seem to be pretty detailed and free of flash and mold-lines. I guess I'll be able to better evaluate them with some primer on them (yes I do intend to prime them even though Reaper says you don't need to).

Overall - very satisfied. And with the receipt of these figures and paints, plus what I already own (Warhammer etc) I'm pretty sure I have "more hobby" than I can complete in this lifetime...

So I should keep assembling the three Crisis suits I bought today.

It's a sickness.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Farsight Enclave - Riptide

Hi everyone (if anyone is left)!

Been a while, eh?  I've been pretty busy with work, home, and League of Legends (to which I am grossly addicted). Plus, I started working on a couple of pretty large kits which have really bogged down. For example, I have an Iyanden Wraithknight around 75% done but keep stalling out on it. It's such a bit kit :\

Another big kit (or so I thought before the Wraithknight showed up) is the Tau Riptide....

I finally finished this guy..decided to go with Farsight Enclave colors. This guy took me forever because I had him painted in a totally different scheme (remember the beige Broadside?)...Didn't like how that one was going, so I stripped it. Used brake fluid, and left him in it too long, so some parts broke off and/or I proceeded to lose them lol. I think it ate into the plastic in places. In fact the Ion gun broke off too and I had to superglue it. Notice the missing fins on his shield? Yeah. But it's a 100 dollar kit in Canada and I wanted to salvage him. Overall I'm happy with the final result, and am hoping to paint more Farsight models.