Sunday, June 9, 2013

Finished Wraithguard Unit

Finished up a unit of Wraithguard. Nice kit! Models took longer than I expected to paint (that always seems to be the case lately) and they demand a fair bit of precision to look their best, kinda like Tau. I painted the heads separately - body primed white, heads black.


  1. Hey Jarrett, do you see yourself as more of a modeler/painter now? You seem to just work on the newest releases each month rather than build an army.

    You suffering from new shiny syndrome a lot these days?

  2. Hi Mark - yeah, I've had it pretty bad lately. I have plenty of un-painted or half-painted High Elves, and a bunch of the new Eldar stuff including a WIP Wraithknight (the kit is a bit of a pain in terms of joint/seams on the limbs). I think I've always been more of a modeler/painter, even though I did try to game in the past. These days I get to game so rarely. I don't know why I start/abandon army projects so much - it's a bit odd. I rarely seem to complete any of them. It's like I'm clinging to the days when I could actually use them to play games :) I think I'm in a pretty deep hobby funk, just painting new shinies, losing interest quickly, and re-selling stuff at a loss quite often as I bemoan the cost :\