Tuesday, May 7, 2013

High Elves: Flamespyre Phoenix and Griffon Rider

Hey folks - finished both of these this evening. I've had the Island of Blood elves for quite a long time and the new book/models were enough to get me started painting them. We'll see how far I make it :)  I also did up a Flamespyre Phoenix as you can see - LOVE this kit, it's really east to build, easy to paint and looks great imo. I like the way you can build a frost or fire version. In fact I have another one coming to paint as a Frostheart.

I also have a Skycutter in the box - another one of the new models that I think is beautiful, can't wait to paint that one as well :)

[update with brighter photos]


This model is hot!


  1. As always Jarret, very pretty looking and great choice of colours.

  2. (I wish I could take brighter, better pictures :\)

  3. Your pictures are already very nice. But if you want them to be brighter, maybe you could take the shots at higher ISO settings.

  4. Yeah I think it's more of a white balance issue or something. These are all taken against white paper background but it looks muddy and beige sorta. The colors don't come off with nice bright contrast.

  5. I think this is easily your best work to date mate.