Sunday, May 26, 2013

Some Painted Items on Ebay, and High Elf Swordmasters


Finished up a unit of Swordmasters, at "nice for gaming" standard. Still took a really long time. You can see I really kinda crapped the bed on the runes on the sword lol Still, pretty pleased overall.


Hi everyone, I've posted some of my recent painted items on Ebay as of now - some Dark Angels stuff and the Tau Broadside.

If you are interested in taking a look, you can click here:

MiniJunkie's Auctions

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Paper vs Digital Codex Comparison

Garfy over at Tale of Painters (awesome blog!) posted a great piece comparing the pros and cons of digital vs paper Codex and Army Books.  Worth a read for sure, and I wanted to share my own thoughts that I posted there in a comment:

I have Dark Angels, Chaos Space Marines and now High Elves on iBooks. I bought Chaos Daemons hardcover (Nurgle!) and I regret it.

For me:

- the ability to tap any rule/ability and see the details of how they work is invaluable - especially for an infrequent player like me.
- it's incredibly fast/easy to navigate
- it stays up to date with all corrects/errata etc
- images are gorgeous
- can easily carry multiple codexes around without back pain ;D
- you can buy it at 11:43PM on a Sunday night if you suddenly decide to play a new army - without leaving your house
- as you said, can read it in the dark

The only downside for me is the same as yours - can't sell it when I'm done with it! BUT - I currently have a few mint condition latest codexes/army books and can't find local buyers for them. I suspect there is low demand because people often buy the latest books out of hype/buzz, and also frankly they can be pirated. So selling it on is decreasing as an issue for me.

Lastly: I'm not sure "can't get it on Android" is a negative for the digital book. It's a negative in terms of GW not servicing demand, but it does nothing to detract from how awesome the iPad version is, and android users can buy the physical copy so they aren't losing anything. I guess what I'm saying is it's a negative but not in the sense that "you bought it and are not satisfied", per se.

I think I'm done with paper army books and Codexes.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Finished a Frostheart Phoenix tonight - still managing to stay focused on painting High Elves. I'll probably get derailed by the Eldar releases coming out soon :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

High Elves: Flamespyre Phoenix and Griffon Rider

Hey folks - finished both of these this evening. I've had the Island of Blood elves for quite a long time and the new book/models were enough to get me started painting them. We'll see how far I make it :)  I also did up a Flamespyre Phoenix as you can see - LOVE this kit, it's really east to build, easy to paint and looks great imo. I like the way you can build a frost or fire version. In fact I have another one coming to paint as a Frostheart.

I also have a Skycutter in the box - another one of the new models that I think is beautiful, can't wait to paint that one as well :)

[update with brighter photos]


This model is hot!