Saturday, April 13, 2013

Zombicide Test

I'm in one of those phases again where I start wondering how many readers I have left lol - it gets so quiet around here..

Anyway, I suddenly got the Zombicide bug - I have the Abomination Kickstarter from the original release, and decided to start fiddling around with painting some of the models.

My goal is basically this:

- A bit of uniformity to the various zombie types (so fatties look quite similar to each other) while mixing in visual variety via gore and filth.
- Relatively bright models for board-gaming - I want them to pop a bit and not be muddy blobs on the boards.
- FAST. This is important - I just have less and less painting time as I get older (and my kids get older...) so I strive for something that looks awesome at arms length for a boardgame etc but doesn't really stand up to close scrutiny.
- One tip: despite trying to go fast, it's worth putting in just a little bit of extra time on faces, because that is where the eye is naturally drawn to on a model. It's also worth spending more time on the hero models because when people play they want their character to look more awesome than a walker :)

Gimme a hug

For this guy, what I did was:

- Cleaned him (and his buddies) in my ultrasonic cleaner with some Dawn anti-grease detergent. Toothbrush would work too :)
- Minimal mold line cleaning - not worth the effort for a large number of board game pieces in my opinion, *except* on tops of shoulders and head where they would be particularly noticeable and detract from the look too much.
- Primed Vallejo Grey. Black would probably result in these models being too dark imo. White is another option of course.
- Airbrushed Tamiya Red Brown on the jacket and shoes, Tamiya Medium Blue on the legs, GW Ceramite White on the belly and chest, GW Pallid Wych Flesh on the skin, and GW XV-88 on the gloves. NOTE: you could substitute any paint brands and shades here - the main idea is to pick lighter tones that will stand up to a wash. I think the jacket could still have been lighter.  I also felt like really bright primary colors would be a bit garish so I went more neutral. I like his jeans.
- Washed the jacket, shoes and gloves with Secret Weapon Miniatures wash Sewer Water. Shirt washed with SWM Soft Body Black (and wiped off a bit with finger). Pants washed with SWM Blue Black.
- The skin was a special case - I washed it with SWM Stone - which is a sort of greenish grey. But I didnt just put it on - I then wiped it off quickly (from the highest surfaces like shoulders, head etc) with my fingertip.
- Some additional highlights on the face (double chin, nose, cheeks) with GW Pallid Wych Flesh.
- I washed the mouth with GW Carrousburg (sp??) Crimson and the eyes with Leviathan Purple.
- Picked out teeth with Ceramite White.
- Base was GW Eshin Grey, then "stippled/smeared" with GW Dawnstone, and edged in black.

For the washes I was using a hairdryer to avoid pooling and running while not having to siphon up much of the wash with a brush.

- Then a hit with Testors Dull Coat
- Next step for most of these will be to hit them with some gore, which I have not done yet. I will create the gore/blood using Tamiya Clear Red and a bit of black paint mixed in to darken it (gore and dried blood is often really dark!).

UPDATE: Here's the rest of the fatties done, with gore. I'm not completely satisfied with the gore effect and will probably keep tweaking the formula :)

Fat n' Nasty!


  1. That's a truly wonderfully painted zombie! =)
    I nearly got the zombicide boardgame myself but I still have my Super Dungeon Explorer set gathering dust awaiting my attention .. heh!

    Again, really nice job. I will be sure to check in again on your site to see your progress so I have added you to my blog list. =) Hopefully one day I will find the time to put my Chaos army aside enough paint some of my boardgame miniatures and post it up on my blog too.

  2. Thanks! I have all the fatties done now and ready for blood and gore. I'll post a follow-up when that's done, then I guess I'll start in on the very large pile of walkers and runners...

  3. Great job Jarrett. I like the job you did on your fatties. How long did it take you to produce these guys?

  4. Thanks! Only a couple of hours I think - overally these Zombicide minis paint up incredibly fast (obviously I'm taking plenty of shortcuts in the interest of getting such a large quantity done to a nice playable standard).

  5. Fantastic work! I recently started painting miniatures when I got my copy of Zombicide, and I'm having a blast with it so far. I posted on the BGG forum, but figured it would help to hit you here too.

    What's your secret to such good looking eyes on your fatties? I have a hard time getting the eye ball defined like yours, no matter what brush I try.

  6. Thanks Curtis! To be honest, I basically just took some off-wite (ivory I think) and dotted the eyeball. It was pretty well defined on the sculpt if I recall correctly, so it wasn't as hard as it could have been :)