Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zombicide - Lady Walkers

Tonight I finished up the first batch of female walkers. Things are moving along nicely - in fact I'm more worried about finishing the remaining survivors than I am about the remaining ~ 30+ zombies, since I can usually do 10 zombies in a day or two.

These ladies are particularly gory - there's a reason for that...basically painting all these zombies has me noticing that the Zombicide undead are really quite intact, per se. They are basically human looking with weird postures and unkempt clothes. After watching the Walking Dead, I'm surprised to not see more missing jaws, chunks of limbs gone, bits of guts hanging out etc. It's like these are all "first gen" zombies who were not attacked and turned :)  In any case, there's a method to my madness. For each one, I basically picture what it would look like if it had feasted on the living - with blood and gore  running from mouth to chest, and arms (usually) covered from plunging into steaming entrails.

Gross, eh?

In any case, still quite satisfied with how this batch turned out - although it's pretty colorful. They will be nice counterpoints to the very grey business suit ones.

I have no chance at a career in women's fashion


  1. What?!? Not one schoolgirl outfit in the bunch? ;)

  2. Damn, didnt even cross my mind - I'm getting old!

  3. Nah! It just means you are a respectable hobbyist ... heh heh. Google "highschool of the dead" under google images to check out some schemes you might want to apply in future!

  4. Nothing would be cooler than zombie Sailor Moon. :)