Sunday, April 14, 2013

Zombicide - First Set of Walkers (and Josh!)


I cranked out Josh this afternoon as well, he took no time at all (except for the fiddly little Guillotine Games symbol on his shirt). Now, you can see something in the photo that has me quite annoyed: he's shiny. That's after a gloss coat followed by dull coat x 2 layers. Sometimes I find dull coat goes on shiny and then stubbornly refuses to un-shine even with further applications. I even tried some brush on Vallejo matte varnish - nothing. So I'm irked because I'm quite pleased with how the paintjob turned out. His face is a bit mongloid looking but the sculpt kinda was too :)

You can see how I plan to do survivor bases - leaving their color as a band around the base rim.

Let's do this


Here's the first set of walkers. I realize now I kinda got grey spray on their feet...oh well, these guys can wear grey shoes I guess! Again - fast, good enough for gaming etc. I also tweaked the gore so that it's a bit more multi-toned (between bright and dark reds).

Obviously I'm painting all the models of a certain pose at the same time. Also it doesn't show clearly in the image but I did vary the colors...a bit :)

I started painting Josh and he's already well along and looking really cool :)

They went THAT way


  1. Hmmm ... I was just wondering ... I do have a zombie-related board game i.e. Last Night on Earth (LNS). Are you familiar with that board game? If so, are the minis in Zombicide bigger or of similar size to LNE?

    Most of your zombies have ginger hair ... I guess they must be extra susceptible to the zombie virus. =) Nice paint job btw.

  2. Hah! Yeah I think for the next set of walkers I'll avoid the ginger look and that way it will be less frequent to see red hair on the board :)

    I actually don't have that game and haven't seen the models so I'm not sure about the size comparison...

  3. Give Vallejo matte medium a try. I often paint it on as a matt varnish, and find it works better than most matt varnishes. Two thin coats, letting the first one completely dry before the second, usually does the trick.

  4. Thanks Kelly, I'll try that tomorrow!

  5. You are done a great job. I think you may also done the Kelly's job. Best of luck. Thanks. Two Steps From Home