Friday, April 5, 2013

Tiny Hero for Super Dungeon Explore - Hexcast Sorceress

Back at the painting of my long-term project of Super Dungeon Explore :)  Getting pretty close to having the set done - need to do a bit more work on some denizens and those dragon mage guys. This is one of the last heroes. Technically I think I have Candy and Cola somewhere but not sure I'm keen to paint her (sculpt seems a bit drab).

Then again I also picked up  Caverns of Roxxor today. So I guess I can just keep working on these!  I'm tempted to try a game with my 7 year old. He picked up on the X-Wing miniatures game quite nicely so maybe this wouldnt be a huge stretch for him.

I'm posting quite a small photo because I want to show her as she's meant to be viewed - from a distance :)  Up close you start to see the brush strokes etc....but on the board, she's going to look really nice I think!

You shall not pass!

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