Monday, April 29, 2013

Tau Broadside Battlesuit WIP


(this isn't even breaking a 7 score on CMON :\  I thought it was better than that!)
Working on a Tau Broadside - note that I somehow managed to forget he kinda HAS to take two drones (is that right? I don't have the codex...). I mostly wanted to just paint the model because I like it. This is pre-weathering - I wanted to capture this before I potentially wreck it, but I think I want to work on trying out some weathering with dust, pigments (you can see I started some of that on the base/feet) and chipping. I'm pretty satisfied with this so far. Maybe weathering will be a mistake :\

I was also trying to achieve a glowing effect on the "eye". Not completely satisfied with that either. Finally, he's not completely done - few details left to do other than the weathering.

I have a Riptide well into progress but in different colors I'm not happy with. Not sure what to do with him.

Last comment: I think I like black/dark backdrops better for my photos...I just wish I could get the white balance more accurate - this is black construction paper.

Ok, I decided to weather him after all. Finished suit:


  1. This guy looks awesome. I tried to pull off a similar brown/light brown pattern a few years back. It turned out decent on vehicles, but my fire warriors lacked. Your stuff is fantastic, I look when you post new things. Anyway this is picture my attempt. Actually this is probably the last GW model I painted.

  2. Cracking work as normal. I don't think the glowing eye is bad, certainly subtle enough to fit in with the rest on the colours on the model. I hate seeing the glowing effect which has been painted on too heavily as it tends to dominate the model and distracts the eye from the rest of the work.
    Keep them coming please

  3. Thanks guys! Nice vehicle Durgum. I might try a unit of Fire Warriors in this scheme (I have a box here). Or I'll try to salvage the Riptide. He's yellow. So I'd have to see if I can paint over that or if I'm going to lose detail in the process via too many layers of paint.

    Skaltar: thanks! I will keep painting :D

  4. Wow! This looks awesome! What did you do for the weathering on the armor? Spong + Oil paints? Whatever you did, i think it stepped the model up to the next level. Also, if you don't mind me asking, how did you achieve the osl. Great work as always!

  5. Thank you!

    For the weathering:

    - the streaks of dirt/oil are via mineral spirits and MIG pigments urban dirt
    - the paint chips are sponged on Charadon Granite, with the edges of the chips highlighted with Menoth White Highlight (P3)
    - the scorch marks are airbrushed Vallejo Game Colors Brown Ink and then just a bit of black on that
    - the OSL is airbrushed P3 arcane blue and then airbrushed white

  6. Nice work bro starting my Tau soon and I too am thinking of using the "official" ocah look.

  7. I like the look on this. The contrast really stands out. Would you mind sharing what colors you used on the model?