Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Forgeworld Plague Toads (Beasts of Nurgle) - Great Unclean One gets Pets!

Hi everyone,

Finished up two Plague Toads from Forgeworld tonight - they are intended to be proxy beasts of nurgle if used in a typical 40K Daemons list.  I think they make nice pets for the Great Unclean One I finished a while back. I have 3 plague drones almost completed as be honest I wish they didn't have riders. I really like the flies, and finished those, and now I'm fuddling my way through the riders because I don't really feel like they add to the overall look of these things. Not sure why they needed riders anyway!

So cute!


  1. Nice. You should have put them in a terrarium with some crickets on April Fools day, just to see what your better half thought. ;)

  2. Nice, i don't think I realised until now how big the toads are. On the drones, if you don't like the rider, leave them off, who's going to complain?

  3. Basically the reason I think I have to include the riders is to sell them on Ebay they likely need to be what buyers will expect :P