Monday, April 29, 2013

Tau Broadside Battlesuit WIP


(this isn't even breaking a 7 score on CMON :\  I thought it was better than that!)
Working on a Tau Broadside - note that I somehow managed to forget he kinda HAS to take two drones (is that right? I don't have the codex...). I mostly wanted to just paint the model because I like it. This is pre-weathering - I wanted to capture this before I potentially wreck it, but I think I want to work on trying out some weathering with dust, pigments (you can see I started some of that on the base/feet) and chipping. I'm pretty satisfied with this so far. Maybe weathering will be a mistake :\

I was also trying to achieve a glowing effect on the "eye". Not completely satisfied with that either. Finally, he's not completely done - few details left to do other than the weathering.

I have a Riptide well into progress but in different colors I'm not happy with. Not sure what to do with him.

Last comment: I think I like black/dark backdrops better for my photos...I just wish I could get the white balance more accurate - this is black construction paper.

Ok, I decided to weather him after all. Finished suit:

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Zombicide - Lady Walkers

Tonight I finished up the first batch of female walkers. Things are moving along nicely - in fact I'm more worried about finishing the remaining survivors than I am about the remaining ~ 30+ zombies, since I can usually do 10 zombies in a day or two.

These ladies are particularly gory - there's a reason for that...basically painting all these zombies has me noticing that the Zombicide undead are really quite intact, per se. They are basically human looking with weird postures and unkempt clothes. After watching the Walking Dead, I'm surprised to not see more missing jaws, chunks of limbs gone, bits of guts hanging out etc. It's like these are all "first gen" zombies who were not attacked and turned :)  In any case, there's a method to my madness. For each one, I basically picture what it would look like if it had feasted on the living - with blood and gore  running from mouth to chest, and arms (usually) covered from plunging into steaming entrails.

Gross, eh?

In any case, still quite satisfied with how this batch turned out - although it's pretty colorful. They will be nice counterpoints to the very grey business suit ones.

I have no chance at a career in women's fashion

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Zombicide - First Runners

Did up a batch of runners this time - still pretty happy with the gore!

More to come....

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Zombicide - More Walkers Completed

The businessmen, I guess! You can't really tell but there are three shades of suits here. I guess I could have varied them more :)  I really like how these turned out, the gore seems like it looks a little better each time. It's amazing how many unpainted zombies I still have left, even after what feels like a few pretty large batches.  They are fun and easy to paint though.

Sharp dressed men

Monday, April 15, 2013

Zombicide Survivor - Phil

Here's Phil! Really pleased with how he turned out (photos don't do justice to how it looks when they are "in play" in a board gaming situation) :)    It does occur to me, however, that my survivors are decidedly gore-free, and actually overall very clean. Like freshly showered and laundered zombie apocalypse participants. That said, I'm kinda basing the paint jobs (ok not just "kinda" - pretty much completely) on the survivor images from the game cards.

Not sure what the inspiration for this kind of character was

Zombicide - Josh less shiny

The tip from Kelly worked! He's definitely less shiny....

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Zombicide - First Set of Walkers (and Josh!)


I cranked out Josh this afternoon as well, he took no time at all (except for the fiddly little Guillotine Games symbol on his shirt). Now, you can see something in the photo that has me quite annoyed: he's shiny. That's after a gloss coat followed by dull coat x 2 layers. Sometimes I find dull coat goes on shiny and then stubbornly refuses to un-shine even with further applications. I even tried some brush on Vallejo matte varnish - nothing. So I'm irked because I'm quite pleased with how the paintjob turned out. His face is a bit mongloid looking but the sculpt kinda was too :)

You can see how I plan to do survivor bases - leaving their color as a band around the base rim.

Let's do this


Here's the first set of walkers. I realize now I kinda got grey spray on their feet...oh well, these guys can wear grey shoes I guess! Again - fast, good enough for gaming etc. I also tweaked the gore so that it's a bit more multi-toned (between bright and dark reds).

Obviously I'm painting all the models of a certain pose at the same time. Also it doesn't show clearly in the image but I did vary the colors...a bit :)

I started painting Josh and he's already well along and looking really cool :)

They went THAT way

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Zombicide Test

I'm in one of those phases again where I start wondering how many readers I have left lol - it gets so quiet around here..

Anyway, I suddenly got the Zombicide bug - I have the Abomination Kickstarter from the original release, and decided to start fiddling around with painting some of the models.

My goal is basically this:

- A bit of uniformity to the various zombie types (so fatties look quite similar to each other) while mixing in visual variety via gore and filth.
- Relatively bright models for board-gaming - I want them to pop a bit and not be muddy blobs on the boards.
- FAST. This is important - I just have less and less painting time as I get older (and my kids get older...) so I strive for something that looks awesome at arms length for a boardgame etc but doesn't really stand up to close scrutiny.
- One tip: despite trying to go fast, it's worth putting in just a little bit of extra time on faces, because that is where the eye is naturally drawn to on a model. It's also worth spending more time on the hero models because when people play they want their character to look more awesome than a walker :)

Gimme a hug

For this guy, what I did was:

- Cleaned him (and his buddies) in my ultrasonic cleaner with some Dawn anti-grease detergent. Toothbrush would work too :)
- Minimal mold line cleaning - not worth the effort for a large number of board game pieces in my opinion, *except* on tops of shoulders and head where they would be particularly noticeable and detract from the look too much.
- Primed Vallejo Grey. Black would probably result in these models being too dark imo. White is another option of course.
- Airbrushed Tamiya Red Brown on the jacket and shoes, Tamiya Medium Blue on the legs, GW Ceramite White on the belly and chest, GW Pallid Wych Flesh on the skin, and GW XV-88 on the gloves. NOTE: you could substitute any paint brands and shades here - the main idea is to pick lighter tones that will stand up to a wash. I think the jacket could still have been lighter.  I also felt like really bright primary colors would be a bit garish so I went more neutral. I like his jeans.
- Washed the jacket, shoes and gloves with Secret Weapon Miniatures wash Sewer Water. Shirt washed with SWM Soft Body Black (and wiped off a bit with finger). Pants washed with SWM Blue Black.
- The skin was a special case - I washed it with SWM Stone - which is a sort of greenish grey. But I didnt just put it on - I then wiped it off quickly (from the highest surfaces like shoulders, head etc) with my fingertip.
- Some additional highlights on the face (double chin, nose, cheeks) with GW Pallid Wych Flesh.
- I washed the mouth with GW Carrousburg (sp??) Crimson and the eyes with Leviathan Purple.
- Picked out teeth with Ceramite White.
- Base was GW Eshin Grey, then "stippled/smeared" with GW Dawnstone, and edged in black.

For the washes I was using a hairdryer to avoid pooling and running while not having to siphon up much of the wash with a brush.

- Then a hit with Testors Dull Coat
- Next step for most of these will be to hit them with some gore, which I have not done yet. I will create the gore/blood using Tamiya Clear Red and a bit of black paint mixed in to darken it (gore and dried blood is often really dark!).

UPDATE: Here's the rest of the fatties done, with gore. I'm not completely satisfied with the gore effect and will probably keep tweaking the formula :)

Fat n' Nasty!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Super Dungeon Explore - Von Drakk Manor Sister of Light

Finished up another Von Drakk Manor model - this time one of the new heroes, the Sister of Light. Pretty happy with how she turned out - so far I can crank these out like one a day even with just a couple-few hours of painting time available. That said, I'm going for "really nice looking to game with" and not better than that. From arms length they look really good :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Super Dungeon Explore - Herald of Vulcanis

This was another fun and fast miniature to paint (realistically all the SDE figures are fun...if not always fast...).   I think I primed him around 5 pm, had supper, and just finished him now.

He seems like a cross between Leonidas from 300 and Kratos from God of War (pale skin).

I'll probably be painting more SDE for the next little while. Although I do have a Tau Riptide battlesuit here in the shrink wrap....

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Super Dungeon Explore - Von Drakk Manor Crypt Spider

This was a fun model to paint - very quick and easy, but also a cool sculpt and definitely a great addition to the SDE lineup of monsters!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Super Dungeon Explore - Von Drakk Manor first models completed

I am loving the minis that come in the new SDE expansion Von Drakk Manor! They are really cool and full of personality. So far I've completed these skeletons and I have the large spider (what a great model!) on my painting desk in progress.  The SDE models are deceptive - at first they look like they'd paint up super fast, but they actually have a fair bit of detail (especially the heroes) and the style sorta demands patience and neatness.

Ok maybe less neatness in the case of the skeletons.

Dem Bones!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pimping out Super Dungeon Explore

Been making new dungeon tiles for Super Dungeon Explore - this is the first tile I made. It's not a cheap process because I'm using Worldworks Dungeon Rise pieces on top of cork board. Similar to how I made some street sections for Infinity a while back.

However, I think with the ground tiles and then mixing in props, stairs or walls it might be pretty useable and cool :)

Plus I just got kinda hooked on the concept and couldn't help myself. Tile # 2 is drying. I think they are particularly nicely themed for the new Von Drakk set.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nurgle Plague Drones and Re-Posting Great Unclean One etc

Hi everyone - finally finished the three Plague Drones and grabbed a photo. The carapaces have been satin varnished so they probably look a bit shinier in the image. I'm also re-posting a couple of other Daemon pieces (again) because I took new photos I'm happier with (better white balance).

Friday, April 5, 2013

Tiny Hero for Super Dungeon Explore - Hexcast Sorceress

Back at the painting of my long-term project of Super Dungeon Explore :)  Getting pretty close to having the set done - need to do a bit more work on some denizens and those dragon mage guys. This is one of the last heroes. Technically I think I have Candy and Cola somewhere but not sure I'm keen to paint her (sculpt seems a bit drab).

Then again I also picked up  Caverns of Roxxor today. So I guess I can just keep working on these!  I'm tempted to try a game with my 7 year old. He picked up on the X-Wing miniatures game quite nicely so maybe this wouldnt be a huge stretch for him.

I'm posting quite a small photo because I want to show her as she's meant to be viewed - from a distance :)  Up close you start to see the brush strokes etc....but on the board, she's going to look really nice I think!

You shall not pass!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Forgeworld Plague Toads (Beasts of Nurgle) - Great Unclean One gets Pets!

Hi everyone,

Finished up two Plague Toads from Forgeworld tonight - they are intended to be proxy beasts of nurgle if used in a typical 40K Daemons list.  I think they make nice pets for the Great Unclean One I finished a while back. I have 3 plague drones almost completed as be honest I wish they didn't have riders. I really like the flies, and finished those, and now I'm fuddling my way through the riders because I don't really feel like they add to the overall look of these things. Not sure why they needed riders anyway!

So cute!