Sunday, March 17, 2013

Plaguebearers Unit Completed

Finally put the finishing touches on this first unit of Plaguebearers. I think overall I'm pretty happy with them, but for my next batch of nurgle (Plague Drones maybe?) I might go for some different tones - bit less green, more fleshy and bruised. Still, I would not be ashamed to field this unit in battle!

You guys are kinda gross.
Finishing these took an awfully long time - I've definitely slowed down in terms of painting output lately. Buncha reasons for that. Video games, lack of inspiration, longer and more intense work days, and of course the family demands. Hoping I can start to turn things out a bit faster.

In other news I think I've officially decided not to pursue the Spartan Games hobby. That means I have quite a few primed/assembled ships (FA and DW) along with that Brittania force I started a long while back - all of which I should try to sell at some point.  I believe I have CoA and Russians in addition to the Brittania. I also finished the KoB Carrier but never took a photo of it.

I was super happy with how this fleet turned out visually.

Hope everyone is having a happy Saint Patrick's Day. I'm Catholic (kinda non-practicing) but don't really get into the St. Pat's thing much if I'm being honest.


  1. Those plague bearers are pretty sweet! well, sweet may not be the right word... putrid?