Sunday, March 24, 2013

Greater Daemon of Nurgle - Great Unclean One (Forgeworld)

Hi everyone!

I'm on a bit of a Nugle kick - by the time I'm done I should have a little Nurgle army (or force addition) ready for Ebay. I already posted the Plaguebearers, and today I finished up a Great Unclean One.  Next I have plague toads and a Soul Grinder (Plague Hulk).

This GUO from Forgeworld is an amazing model. Fast to assemble, super detailed and just full of character. A real joy to paint!


  1. Loving the purply and yellow tones on the diseased flesh! Also, I haven't seen the innards and tongue done up in black before... Was that P3 coal black you used?

  2. Thanks! It's actually more of a purple grey like the daemonette shades from gw, I think the photo makes them look a bit darker than they are.