Sunday, March 24, 2013

Greater Daemon of Nurgle - Great Unclean One (Forgeworld)

Hi everyone!

I'm on a bit of a Nugle kick - by the time I'm done I should have a little Nurgle army (or force addition) ready for Ebay. I already posted the Plaguebearers, and today I finished up a Great Unclean One.  Next I have plague toads and a Soul Grinder (Plague Hulk).

This GUO from Forgeworld is an amazing model. Fast to assemble, super detailed and just full of character. A real joy to paint!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Plaguebearers Unit Completed

Finally put the finishing touches on this first unit of Plaguebearers. I think overall I'm pretty happy with them, but for my next batch of nurgle (Plague Drones maybe?) I might go for some different tones - bit less green, more fleshy and bruised. Still, I would not be ashamed to field this unit in battle!

You guys are kinda gross.
Finishing these took an awfully long time - I've definitely slowed down in terms of painting output lately. Buncha reasons for that. Video games, lack of inspiration, longer and more intense work days, and of course the family demands. Hoping I can start to turn things out a bit faster.

In other news I think I've officially decided not to pursue the Spartan Games hobby. That means I have quite a few primed/assembled ships (FA and DW) along with that Brittania force I started a long while back - all of which I should try to sell at some point.  I believe I have CoA and Russians in addition to the Brittania. I also finished the KoB Carrier but never took a photo of it.

I was super happy with how this fleet turned out visually.

Hope everyone is having a happy Saint Patrick's Day. I'm Catholic (kinda non-practicing) but don't really get into the St. Pat's thing much if I'm being honest.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Plaguebearer WIP and Auction Ends

Hey guys, just a reminder the auction for the Khorne Chaos Lord ends this evening.

Also, I got a bit swept up in the Chaos Daemon hype this weekend. I've been working on a unit of Plaguebearers - these guys paint up nice and fast with airbrushing and washes etc. I love this kit, can't believe I've never really paid it much attention before. I actually have 10 more ready for priming :)  Nurgle has always been my favorite of the 4 chaos gods, so I also picked up a box of those new Plague Drones, and am contemplating a bit of a Forgeworld order...Great Unclean One, Plague Toads (proxy for beasts of Nurgle) and a Plague Hulk to use as a Soul Grinder. My wallet and I are currently arguing about this.

When they first went on preorder I impulsively ordered the Limited Edition Nurgle Codex. I should probably have stuck with buying iPad editions. The book is nice - especially the soft feeling of the cover - but the only thing that makes it "Nurgle" is the dust jacked. I think I was hoping for more (probably didn't read the description closely enough as well!).

Anyway, here's a quick WIP shot of the Plaguebearers I shot with my iPhone. As usual lighting and colors are off quite a bit.

Mmmmmm. Nurgle.
By request, steps so far:

Nurgle Plaguebearers:

- Prime Vallejo Grey (try Black?)
- Zenithal Primer White
- Basecoat GW Sarak Green
- Zenithal GW Nurgling Green
- Zenithal GW Pallid Wych Flesh
- Glaze GW Green
- GW Thrakka Green wash
- GW Camo Wash in dark recesses. Similar with Leviathan Purple
- Highlight spray with Nurgling Green
- Highlite spray with Pallid Wych Flesh
- Spray rotten areas mix of Tamiya Hull red and flat red (50/50)
- glaze/blend those areas with Leviathan Purple Wash
- glaze/blend that with GW yellow glaze
- horns airbrushed VGC Brown Ink, then Tamiya Flat Black
- Swords flat black so far
- Eyes P3 Menoth White Highlite, glaze yellow (not done yet)
- "Guts" and wounds are P3 Thrall Flesh, then wash of Carsbourg Crimson (forget the name, new GW wash)
- I think that's all for now, not done yet :D