Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chaos Lord - Revised [UPDATE]

UPDATE: The Chaos Lord will be on ebay starting this evening (7 PST)

(His back isn't this shiny in person)

Hey all - so I wasn't totally satisfied with the final outcome of the Chaos Lord paint job, and as a result I decided to go back and add some contrast and highlights. Mainly I added a bit of highlighting to the gold and to the face. It's subtle changes, but still an improvement I feel.  Is anyone still reading, by the way? :)

Now even fancier


  1. Still here and in awe of your skills, keep em coming

  2. Still lurking.

    Any plans with this model, or did you just paint it for fun? I admit, it's a really nice sculpt, and I've got some plans for this one myself (it's begging for a few conversions, in my opinion), although it just so happens that I have a half finished Chaos Fantasy army that he would fit right into.

    1. No specific plans, he was probably going eBay bound at some point...