Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chaos Lord - Revised [UPDATE]

UPDATE: The Chaos Lord will be on ebay starting this evening (7 PST)

(His back isn't this shiny in person)

Hey all - so I wasn't totally satisfied with the final outcome of the Chaos Lord paint job, and as a result I decided to go back and add some contrast and highlights. Mainly I added a bit of highlighting to the gold and to the face. It's subtle changes, but still an improvement I feel.  Is anyone still reading, by the way? :)

Now even fancier

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Finished Chaos Lord

Finished this guy up tonight. I'm reasonably happy with the final results - his face could use more definition and I could certainly stand to dust/clean my photo backdrop :)  Definitely a nice miniature to paint, I enjoyed it and may try another one at some point.

Chaos Lord

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Break from Dark Angels for Chaos

Hey gang- sorry for slow rate of updates - I've been a bit depressed lately (candidly) which has lead to me sitting down at the painting table, looking at it, and doing nothing. I mostly just focus on work and playing League of Legends lately. Sitting at a desk so much my shoulder has been hurting (bad ergonomics maybe). Sad state of affairs. I have 5 Dark Angel Deathwing Knights in progress but stalled on them a bit. I do think I'll get back to them though, the models are so good.

That said, today I decided to tear into one of the new Chaos releases - the plastic Chaos Lord. In my opinion this is one of the coolest models in the release, along with Throgg who I also bought (and have primed). At first I didn't feel like I could get this guy started, but today I just pushed through the inertia and got some paint on him. Still work to do of course - the cape hasn't been touched other than a base coat of Necron Abyss. Face and horns are just base coated as well. The armor is looking a bit flat to me as well so i need to look at maybe adding back some shading to the red areas.

Reminds me a bit of the demon from Legend

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ravenwing Black Knights Completed

New unit of Ravenwing Knights I just finally completed. I say finally because for some reason these guys took me forever to paint, and even now I'm not completely satisfied. I think the wheels with the pigments aren't looking quite right, part of me things I should have just left them clean :)   I guess there's just a lot more details on them than I originally thought. That said, next up are probably another unit of Deathwing (Knights maybe) which I'm sure will be just as time consuming.

Part of what took so long is also the fact I'm savagely addicted to League of Legends on PC, and also that I had to take a trip or two for work in recent weeks. So things are slower going. One thing I noticed though: my taking a more "project by project" outlook on my hobby, I've successfully resisted the urge to keep buying tons of additional new/shiny models (like the new chaos stuff for example). I seem to have better clarity of purpose in terms of what I want to paint next to keep the Dark Angel force growing. Easier on the wallet for sure!

Black and white but deceptively detailed and time consuming!