Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ravenwing Bikers - Dark Vengeance

Updated: I just realized I missed a step on the black part below. Fixed!
Finished off a unit of 3 Ravenwing bikers from Dark Vengeance. I'm "satisfied" but they definitely could have been better. Issues:

- I screwed up drilling the barrel in the small bolt pistol (it's a bit mangled)
- should have gone for more highlights and contrast on the bare head/face
- the bare head is shiny, despite a couple of hits of matte varnish
- not sure about the dirt in the treads, but the bases are grey/ash so it seemed like the right way to do it
- the white feathers are "ok" but a bit messy. You'd think they would be straightforward but I struggled to keep them neat!

They are "ok"
 Colors used:

- whites were base of Russ Grey, then Fenrisian Grey and then Ceramite White
- cloth, reds, flesh, and chest eagles same was as the Dark Angel Tactical Squad
- blacks were primer black, highlighted with airbrushed Tamiya Nato Black, highlighted with Eshin Grey edges and then Dawnstone edges. I then glazed black areas with GW blue glaze. 
- the gold is Vallejo liquid gold Red Gold

Meanwhile I also have a Nephilim fighter in WIP. Blacks are mostly done, canopy is currently masked, and I just masked and painted the white wings, which I feel pretty good about (just needs some cleanup work). Then it's the metal areas and details, and some decals. Overall a fun kit to build and honestly pretty darn easy to paint and make look good!

Dark Angels Nephilim Fighter - Nice Kit!


  1. Everything's looking good. I've really enjoyed your blog since I found it a while back. I was hoping you might be able to provide me with some insight on airbrushes. Right now I have a really cheap siphon fed airbrush, and was looking for an upgrade, more than likely a gravity feed. Have any thoughts on what a good gravity feed airbrush would be? Also, any suggestions on good compressors?

  2. Thanks, and hi! Well for my money the best gravity feed options (and the ones I would personally buy, and have) are the Iwata ones. Either the Revolution CR or the Eclips HS (I hope I got the names right). Both are gravity fed. The Revolution would be probably a better starting point.

    Compressor-wise, same thing: I'd vote for something from Iwata. I used to use their Sprintjet and now use their PowerJet - I'm a big fan.

  3. Beautiful! Much brighter and more interesting than the originals!