Saturday, January 12, 2013

Operation: Dark Angels Begins

Happy Dark Angels day! Ok, yeah....that's pretty cheesy. Sorry. But today IS the day that the new Dark Angels models and codex are released, and I have definitely partaken. So far I've got a couple of sets of Dark Vengeance models, 2 boxes of the new Ravenwing, 2 boxes of the new Deathwing, the new land speeder (big) and 2 Nephilim fighters.  Oh and the codex, on iPad.

Why doesn't GW make these awesome new covers into wallpapers?
I started reading the codex last night (it was available late evening) on my iPad. I must say I really, really like the iPad format. Granted, it's not necessarily awesome to pay that much for a digital product. But every year that goes by I get more comfortable with digital goods - all my reading for example is Kindle books now. What's really great about the iPad codex is the way you can tap pretty much any rule or weapon etc and have a little pop-up appear that gives you the relevant rules. That's very handy for an old, highly infrequent gamer like me :)

The images in the codex are really nice looking, and I am actually enjoying the back story a lot! Here's what I posted about that last night on a local facebook group:

Picked up the iPad version of the DA codex earlier this evening and have been reading the lore sections. I find it quite good actually - I can almost never read codex fluff and get through much of it. Not sure why - in this case the story of the Dark Angels is pretty interesting and I like that they actually DO tell you what their shameful secret is (I assumed they'd just keep making vague references to it forever. If it's been revealed before I was unaware of it). I think I like Dark Angels better than most other Marine armies - better than Space Wolves (their arch rivals), Blood Angels, and Ultramarines. My two favorites are, I think, Dark Angels and Imperial Fists. Anyways, enough rambling but so far I'm impressed and fired up to paint a force of new and existing models (god knows I ordered more than a few!).

As I mentioned in a recent blog post, I'm going to try to "hunker down" and stay focused on one project. Try to actually get some models painted without getting distracted by new/shiny mini releases :)  We'll see how it goes. History shows I am not very good at that, it's rare I manage to stay focused long enough to finish a full army. 

By the way I've cracked open a couple of the boxes and the kits are of course highly detailed and gorgeous. GW charges an arm and a leg but I can't complain about the quality at all.  In particular I really like the Deathwing Knights kit. I like the mix of brooding cowled guys and terminator armor.

Anyway, if I get any of the new stuff done I will post it. I'm in the process of finishing up 3 of the Ravenwing bikes from Dark Vengeance. For the black I'm trying Nato Black (Tamiya) which is an almost greenish black and looks quite nice. Another great option would be Coal Black (P3) but I went with the Nato.

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