Friday, January 4, 2013

Dark Angels WIP and Yoda

Not surprisingly I have turned my eye to Dark Angels, with the new White Dwarf and leaked images from the Codex etc piquing my interest. I already posted the Deathwing I painted, and I'm working on the Dark Vengeance tactical squad - WIP shot below. Still have eyes, bases, weapons and the (Sergeant?) to paint.  I gotta say I love painting marines from Dark Vengeance (granted they are Dark Angels and not really suitable for other chapters!) because I actually don't really enjoy the slog of assembling the multi-part basic tactical squad kits. This is much faster and for my own tastes these marine models do the job just fine for gaming.

For the leader's robes, I can picture the color I want but can't quite see my way to get there...I want more of an "orange" brown, similar to this one:

Not sure what colors to use to achieve that look, but I really like the tones. Definitely more than bright white/bone coloration which is probably where I'm going to end up with my own :)

Dark Angels Tactical Squad - work in progress

I picked up the new White Dwarf today on iPad (I think I'll stick with the iPad version from now on, I really enjoy the format). While the merits of the content can be debated, there's no shortage of sexy images of the new Dark Angel models. I'm digging the Deathwing Knights now that I see crisp, clear images of them. The only thing I'm not super jazzed about is the Dark Talon with the weird stonework/reliquary stuff on top of a flyer. I like the fighter version better (Nephilim?).

I mentioned Yoda in the title of this particular post. Why?

Such a smart little guy.
 Because today I was reminded of a quote from him when he was training Luke Skywalker:

"Control, control, you must learn control!"

That's the phrase that went through my head today as I was doing some hobby-organizing and looking through totes full of unpainted models. In this case I'm not talking about "new/clean/easy-to-sell" models. I'm talking primed, maybe broken, half-painted - a metal graveyard just lumped into a big tote or two. Just hundreds of models, literally. Thousands of dollars. I really have to find a way to clamp down on my new-shiny syndrome. My current hope is to stay focused on Dark Angels for a while and try to get an army done. My track record is abysmal of course, but I'm going to see if I can stay focused on them for a while.

Maybe I'll treat it as a New Years resolution, since I technically haven't made one yet.

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  1. Ha ha, good to start the new year with a joke. We all know you will continue to collect new shinies, it's in your DNA! My advice - don't make resolutions, you will inevitably fail to live up to them and then have to explain yourself further down the line ;)