Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Slowly making the move

Hi everyone - so I think this is the plan:

- Transition to doing all my new posts and updates here on Blogger.
- Keep the other site (Jigsy) available for archives and for the Gallery functionality.
-....although it occurs to me that means I need to update more than one site. So if I can figure out a good gallery system for Blogger I'll start using it. Seems like it would be a no-brainer feature?

I'm still ashamed of the visual appearance and layout of the new blog so far.  Any tips from you veterans out there? Because it's a template I can't adjust width or height of the various boxes (I don't know HTML like I used to). Also the colors and layout in general feel pretty lame to me. Any suggestions? Also any suggestions on what Blogger widgets to include and best layout?  Meanwhile I'll turn to Google to try and find out some more tips on design etc.

I'm a bit excited to be honest, because I hate blogging to a silent audience and I already feel like this is going to increase the dialog and sense of community :)

If you have a blog that lists my blog in your blog roll, please go ahead and switch it over to this one if you don't mind? Now it should start to surface the updates and thumbnails properly rather than just a lowercase "minijunkie" with nothing else lol.

Oh and yes I still actually do hobby stuff. Right now I have a few things on the work bench, not sure what will get done first: I have an Evil Suns Dakkajet and the Hobbit boxed set in progress. I've painted up some of the Goblin Town scenery as well (paints up really fast with airbrush) and I really do like it even if a person could make it with popsicle or coffee stir sticks.

On the old blog, Dave suggested that maybe some of my hobby malaise comes from painting stuff "the way it's expected". I think he has a pretty interesting point. Since I'm usually painting stuff to sell (which is how I continue to fund my ongoing hobby) I try to paint things in the most popular or acceptable ways to attract buyers. Even a slight deviation can reduce the appeal with buyers (had a bit of trouble selling the Heldrake you might have noticed until I dropped the price). That said, I might try painting some character models from Reaper or other manufacturers to test that market out a bit. Ultimately the best selling stuff will probably still be 40K for the foreseeable future.

My "de-gamerification" continues in the meantime - I've been selling off my Warmachine and Warhammer army books for example.

Still wish Infinity was more  popular around these parts though....freakin' sweet models lately :)  (how about that Ajax model??).


  1. There are plenty of sites offering free blogger templates. Another option to make things a bit wider here is to remove one of the sidebars or pick a template without a sidebar. Good luck!

  2. You can definitely adjust the width on my template too, you need to dig a little deeper, I think it's Template and/or Settings, then Advanced, then Adjust Width.

    On the painting thing I am more and more avoiding GW and actively seeking out smaller companies. If you can afford to do it, it's good to help smaller companies get a teeeny tiny piece of the gargantuan GW pie. I am not a GW basher, they have ultimately made the current market of startups possible, but recently I find they are less appealing to me, while the newer companies are wowing me more and more. It might mean less traffic to your site, but stats are not the be all and end all of blogging. Looking forward to your painting, whatever you do.

  3. PS You don't have a picture in this post! So even though I have updated my blogroll, you are still appearing without a "look at me" thumbnail! If you don't have any painted stuff to show, just google an appropriate pic for your post. Like five year-olds, we all like a pretty pic with our updates. ;)

  4. One thing I personally hope for are more youtube vids of WIP - personally for me it works wonders, especially painting techniques even though they aren't mentioned, you can see the way people work :).

  5. Look at me I can actually post a reply to your Blog!!! You've got my email buddy, if there is anything you need help with on Blogger drop me an email and I'll do my best to help you out.