Saturday, December 8, 2012

Is Infinity "Broken"?

I painted up these futuristic signs from Micro Art Studio - I really like how they turned out (just cranked them out with the airbrush today). They aren't perfect by any means (my paintjob and assembly, not the product). You can see spots where I got messy and/or where the material got a bit chipped or peeled. You really need to exert some force to get these together at times - my thumbs are sore after doing it lol :)   Once I had them primed and painted with some white, I hit them with a satin varnish which gives them a nice "techy" feel. Gloss I think might have been a bit too much. I've posed them on a "street tile" I made - I went through a stretch where I was buying cardstock street terrain and making these modular tiles by gluing them to cork tile. Given that I also have some other MAS HDF (is that what it is?) terrain walkways and buildings, I could probably put a nice little Infinity board together.

But then I remember I need to stop thinking like a gamer and more like a hobbyist :)

You probably noticed the title of this post is asking if Infinity is a "broken" game. The reason I ask is I came across this post today:

The post is actually about quitting Warmachine, and the person is talking about maybe playing Infinity. But someone in the comments had this to say:

"I tried Infinity for a bit but the game is broken. You can really do some ridiculous things and their whole LOS system needs to be fixed."

For those of you who have or do play Infinity - do you agree with that assessment?


  1. I bet you $100 that they were using the standard GW-esque 'swiss cheese' terrain, instead of terrain that fully blocks LOS. That's what Infinity requires if you don't want each soldier's movement met by a hail of bullets.

  2. I agree with Brian. Infinity uses twice the terrain as GW and you read over and over on the boards about GW terrain not blocking LoS. Also, the crazy stuff is probably talking about how you can use a powerful model multiple times due to the order system. It's hard to get used to at first. Picture 40K if you could let you Land Raider have two actions at the expense of a tactical squad doing nothing that turn.

  3. I'd agree with both Brian and WookieeGunner on this one. Infinity does have its own foibles and quirks, but I've been playing it for 5 years or more now, since their 1st ed any way... which now I think about it is probably longer than 5 years!!!

    Sure there are things that I don't think are quite right with the game, there are things I'd personally look to fix, or perhaps change is the better word to use. But the game works. There's no denying that, and now the campaign / missions books is out the system is working better than ever.

    Of course it's all a matter of personal taste.

  4. Yepp, I agree with the others. Quirks, yes. Broken, hell no! :)