Sunday, December 16, 2012

Is Angel Giraldez a space alien?

Seriously - I can't believe how talented he is.  He can't be human. The studio painter for Infinity (among other jobs if I'm reading his blog correctly), he just makes every new Infinity model look incredible.

Meanwhile I've been trying to paint one today (Swiss guard with missile launcher) and it just seems so "blech". Nothing's looking right, and these models are tiny and very detailed so my trusty airbrush is of minimal use. Basically I used it to prime the model white (with Vallejo White Primer made for airbrushing, marvelous stuff).  Beyond that it's all being done via W&N series 7 brush.

I don't see the missile launcher variant on his blog...It's not exactly this one I'm painting (different sculpt) but close:

Swiss Guard

 He just makes it look so effortless - different tones of gray, beautiful smooth highlights, great color choices. I seriously can't even tell how many greys he's using here lol. I decided to use my P3s and I think I was using 3 of them, then added GW codex grey. Still looks like a mess so far.

Anyway, just venting - mostly at my inability to paint Infinity as well as Angel does. Also wanted to draw attention to his blog for you guys to check out, the guy is incredibly talented.  I wish more of his Q&A comments were in English so I could learn a thing or two!

Studio Giraldez


  1. He amazes me too. A bit like James Wappell who has his own unique style you can follow it to a point then it just goes POP! O_O

  2. Yep James is great - and he produces an astonishing amount of work!

  3. I think so!
    He is an amazing painter!!!