Saturday, December 15, 2012

I have no idea why I'm making an Infinity table lol - nor how far I'll get with it. I think I just really enjoy these wooden modular buildings for some reason. For the streets etc, I only have that many tiles made and I'm thinking a premade mat of some sort would be better maybe. Certainly larger plain cement areas for the buildings to seit in.

The buildings are for the most part not finished (windows, accent colors and dirt). I also decided to make those orange windows dark grey. They were "a bit much" on the eyes.

The cement walls don't look like they have lights on them, they look like they have big yellow splotches on them - so I'll need to fix that. I also have 2 sets of MAS walkways I will be painting up. Overall these probably need to be spread out a bit. Need more buildings....and lastly need to also paint up those tech crates etc.

Oh and...maybe an army? lol :) Thinking Pan-O, not sure. I started some Aleph but not sure I'm feeling them.

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